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10 Best College Football Coaches ATS Coming Off A Bye Week

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Which college football coaches are best at their job after a two-week break? Which ones use the time to get well prepared and make it an ATS?

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There is wealth in the niches.

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Take Jeff Scott, please.

He’s just 3-18 overall in his first two seasons as USF head coach. But give more than seven days to prepare and he’s 5-0 against spread (ATS). The Bulls rest on October 22, and a week later they go to Houston.

Coaches who maximize bye weeks and long weeks consistently win. Below are the top 10, along with the weeks in which they all come out of their two-week hiatus this season.

minimum 9 games

10. Kyle Whittingham, Utah (since 2005)

ATS after farewell: 19-11-2 (60%)
2022 Goodbye: October 22 (Washington State October 27)

Few coaches are better at overtime than Whittingham, who is also 9-5 in bowl games.
2022 Utah Schedule Analysis

9. Chris Creighton, Eastern Michigan (since 2014)

ATS after farewell: 9-5 (64%)
2022 Goodbye: November 5 (Akron November 8)

After a farewell week this year, the Eagles hit the road, where they put up a 30-17-1 ATS under Creighton.
Eastern Michigan preview for 2022

T8. Jeff Brom, Purdue (since 2017)

ATS after farewell: 7-3 (70%)
2022 Goodbye: October 29 (vs. Iowa on November 5)

Brom is also 19-8 ATS as an underdog, so the Boilermakers are an even more attractive game if they score against Iowa in Week 10.
Purdue Preview 2022

T8. PJ Fleck, MN (since 2017)

ATS after farewell: 7-3 (70%)
2022 Goodbye: October 8 (Illinois October 15)

Fleck has consistently been one of the top coaches in the Big Ten ATS since moving from MAC to Minnesota five years ago.
Minnesota preview for 2022

6. Pat Narduzzi, Pitt (since 2015)

ATS after farewell: 10-4 (71%)
2022 Goodbye: October 15 (Louisville October 22)

Since joining Narduzzi in 2015, Pitt has also been ranked No. 2 nationally by the ATS in road games with a record of 26-10-1 (72%). The Panthers travel to Louisville after their seventh week farewell.
2022 Pitt Preview

5. Bill Clark, CJSC (since 2014)

ATS after farewell: 9-3-1 (75%)
2022 Goodbye: September 24 (at Rice October 1)

Year after year, Clarke was the most profitable player coach in the Conference USA.
UTEP schedule for 2022

4. Philip Montgomery, Tulsa (since 2015)

ATS after farewell: 12-4 (75%)
2022 Goodbye: October 15 (at the Temple on October 21)

There’s a strong case to be made for Montgomery as the most underrated ATS coach of the last seven seasons.
Tulsa Schedule for 2022

3. Dana Dimel, UTEP (since 2018)

ATS after farewell: 7-2 (78%)
Games after date week:: Oct 15 (vs FAU Oct 22) & Nov 12 (vs FIU Nov 19)

While Dimel is only 12-33 overall for the Pitmen, he did a great job of getting his team to at least put up a fight with extra prep time.
UTEP schedule for 2022

2. Jay Norvell, Colorado State (2017-2021, Nevada)

ATS after farewell: 7-2-1 (78%)
Game after date week:: October 1 (Nevada October 7)

Norvell’s first chance to improve his ATS score after the goodbye will be to return to Reno to take part in the program he has coached for five seasons.
Colorado State Preview 2022

1. Dave Doeren, NC State (since 2013)

ATS after farewell: 15-4 (79%)
Game after date week: October 22 (vs. Virginia Tech on October 27)

No one has rewarded players with extra preparation time more than Doeren, who may have the Pack’s best team this season.
2022 North Carolina State Preview

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