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20 questions with Blackhawks forward Sam Lafferty

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20 questions for Blackhawks forward Sam Lafferty originally appeared on NBC Sports Chicago

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In our latest series of 20 questions, I go head-to-head with Blackhawks forward Sam Lafferty:

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1. Favorite NHL team as a child and why?

The Pittsburgh Penguins because I was from the area and they had some success when I started playing hockey. I’ve always been a big Penguin fan. What was it like being drafted by them? It was crazy. It was surreal. One of the craziest days of my life. Being able to play there and start an NHL career was something special.

2. Favorite NHL player as a child and why?

Sidney Crosby. It’s not a problem. He pretty much saved hockey in the area. You saw him do something in a game when I was a kid, and then the next day while playing, all the kids would try the same move or something.

3. What did you welcome in the NHL?

This is a good question. I just remember being at the training camp, and here I am sitting next to Sid, my childhood idol, and just trying to think of something to say, and I don’t understand anything. I couldn’t think of anything good to say so I asked him what the score was and he said “I think it’s a draw”. *laughs*

4. Favorite road city in the NHL and why?

I like San Jose. It’s good. We usually spend a couple of days there and I enjoy playing golf in beautiful parts of the world.

5. Favorite away arena in the NHL and why?

I like Boston. It’s really cool. When you enter Boston, you feel like you are in a battle. The fans are so tense. When you’re there, it’s always like a playoff game.

6. Favorite teammate and why?

In fact, I have to say that in my rookie year at Wilkes-Barre, I was lucky enough to play with Jimmy Hayes, rest in peace. Simply the best guy of all time, the funniest guy, every day you show up at the rink excited about what Heisey is going to do today. Just a guy for all time and probably my favorite teammate.

7. Why are you wearing number 24?

I think I had three rooms to choose from when I arrived in Chicago and it wasn’t difficult. I actually wore 24 in my freshman year of college. I love it.

8. What is your favorite activity to take a break from hockey?

If it’s nice outside, I like to play golf if I have the opportunity. This is my all-time favorite. Otherwise, I am currently playing with my puppy.

9. What’s your stick flex number?

95. I just think it’s a good middle ground. Not too fluffy, not too hard.

10. What should you do on game day?

May I say take a nap? I’ll just say take a nap.

11. The best hockey prank you’ve ever seen

As a child, I saw transparent tape or, excuse me, wax on the blades of skates when they went out into the street, and your buddies immediately touched their faces to the ice.

12. The strongest player you’ve ever had to defend and why

Connor McDavid. This year especially. Obviously, I played against him and I know how good he is, but when we played with him in October of this year, I thought: “Wow, this is a completely different animal. I’ve never seen anyone move so fast.” “

13. Current or former players you would like to have as your lane mates

I think those Russian guys in Detroit are from the Russian five, playing with Sergey Fedorov and Igor Larionov. That would be pretty cool, maybe some pretty cool plays could come up. *laughs*

14. Build Your 3v3 Overtime Lineup

I’ll take Connor McDavid, Sergei Fedorov and let me throw in Patrick Kane to spice it up.

15. Favorite movie and why

Can I give you a couple? Happy Gilmour and Major League.

16. Favorite vacation spot in the summer, where is the golf course? *laughs*

Pebble beach!

17. Favorite sport besides hockey?

Golf. *laughs*

18. What is your golf handicap? I heard you are really good.

Don’t report it, I’m not trying to give too many shots. *laughs* In the NHLPA Players’ Poll, you are one of the top five golfers in the league. There are good players in the league. It would be nice if they held a tournament and each team sent a few people. I think it would be really fun if they did it in the summer.

Oh, and in addition to that, what 3 teammates would you like to have in a foursome?

I’ll go with Jonathan Toews, he’s pretty good, he can hit far and get into it. I would choose Patrick Kane and… hmmm… there aren’t that many good players on this team. *Laughs*. Maybe Taylor Reddish or Jack Johnson just for stories. … Oh, Jake McCabe! Add him to the four and kill Jack. Maybe take out Taser and put in Andreas Afanasiou.

19. Favorite non-hockey athlete?

Michael Jordan.

20. If you weren’t a hockey player, what would you be?

I don’t want to say that I am a golfer, but I would probably be a golfer. *laughs*

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