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2022-23 NBA GM Survey results, takeaways: Bucks favored to win title, Luka Doncic leads MVP predictions

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With only two weeks left until the 2022-2023 NBA season, the Philadelphia 76ers take on the Boston Celtics and the Los Angeles Lakers take on the Golden State Warriors in a dynamite doubleheader on Tuesday, October 18.

Since the real games are just around the corner, this is the peak time of the prediction. As always, one of the most interesting groups is the league’s general managers. Once again, the league’s website conducted a poll of league leaders to get their opinion on the upcoming season.

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Here are some of the most interesting results and takeaways from the NBA. GM annual survey.

The Bucks chose to win the title

  • Milwaukee Bucks: 43 percent
  • Golden State Warriors: 25 percent
  • Los Angeles Clippers: 21 percent
  • Boston Celtics: 11 percent
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The Bucks’ re-quest last season ended in the second round against the Celtics, in large part because they played without Chris Middleton, who suffered a knee injury in the first round. Many believe that the Bucks would have won this series with Middleton and possibly the title had they been healthy. The Bucks certainly have, which is why they brought back 16 players from last season, and it’s now clear that the GMs were in that boat too, as they picked Giannis Antetokounmpo & Co. to win it all by a pretty clear margin.

Luka to be the first MVP?

  • Luka Doncic: 48 percent
  • Giannis Antetokounmpo: 34 percent
  • Joel Embiid: 14 percent
  • Steph Curry: 3 percent
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Nikola Jokic won his second consecutive MVP last season and didn’t even get a vote this time. However, there may be a good reason for this, as NBA history has shown us that three wins in a row are extremely rare; Bill Russell, Wilt Chamberlain and Larry Bird are the only players who have managed to accomplish this feat.

Instead, the grandmasters predicted that another European star would receive the award this season: Luka Doncic. The Maestro Mavericks led his team to a surprise run to the Western Conference Finals last season and established himself as one of the best players in the game, making three consecutive All-NBA First Team appearances.

Will he break through this season and win the MVP? He certainly has a chance, but he will face stiff competition from the likes of Giannis and Joel Embiid, who finished second and third in GM voting.

Cavs run away with the best offseason

Best overall moves

  • Cleveland Cavaliers: 41 percent
  • Minnesota Timberwolves: 17 percent
  • Philadelphia 76ers: 17 percent
  • Utah Jazz: 17 percent
  • Votes received: Boston Celtics, Sacramento Kings

Which player will have the biggest impact?

  • Donovan Mitchell: 59 percent
  • Rudy Gobert: 31 percent
  • Jalen Brunson: 7 percent
  • PJ Tucker: 3 percent

Which team has the most promising young backbone?

  • Cleveland Cavaliers: 41 percent
  • Memphis Grizzlies: 38 percent
  • Detroit Pistons: 10 percent
  • Votes received: New Orleans Pelicans, Oklahoma City Thunder, Orlando Magic.

In early September, the Cavaliers stunned everyone with a brilliant deal to trade Donovan Mitchell. While a recovering Jazz was expected to trade Mitchell at some point during the offseason, the Knicks were clear favorites until the Cavs swooped in to complete the deal.

While there may be some initial growth issues, Mitchell appears to be the perfect fit for this young Cavs team, especially on offense. As impressive as the Cavs were last season, their lack of play and scoring was painfully obvious. Mitchell, who finished 13th in the league in scoring last season with 25.9 points per game, will step in and fill that void.

With Mitchell, the Cavs are looking to make the playoffs for the first time since the departure of LeBron James in 2018. And either immediately this season or later, they will be in line to fight for the leadership in the Eastern Conference. . No wonder the grandmasters went all-in against the Cavs. In addition to announcing Mitchell as the new team’s biggest impact player, they said the Cavs made the best moves this summer and now have the best young backbone.

Banchero is a clear favorite for ROY

  • Paolo Banquero: 79 percent
  • Keegan Murray: 17 percent
  • Jabari Smith: 3 percent

The Rookie of the Year race was hit hard in the summer when overall pick Chet Holmgren suffered a foot injury that required surgery and would keep him out of action for the entire season. With Holmgren out of the picture, the GMs made the No. 1 overall pick Paolo Bankero their obvious pick for ROY.

Looking at the skill sets and situations of the other top four picks, Banchero may have been their pick, regardless of Holmgren’s injury. Smith plays with two ball-dominant defenders in Jalen Green and Kevin Porter Jr., while Murray sees himself as a solid all-around player, but one who doesn’t produce stunning results. Bunchero, meanwhile, will have the ball in his hands on this Magic team and will have more opportunities to put in numbers – which is most often decided by ROY voting.

Wembanyama is on the radar

Best International Non-NBA Player

  • Victor Vembanyama: 45 percent
  • Nikola Mirotic: 28 percent
  • Vasile Micic: 21 percent
  • Receiving votes: Edie Tavares; Sasha Vezenkov

All kinds of exciting playoff races await us this season, but the survival race will also create a lot of intrigue.

The Jazz traded Donovan Mitchell, Rudy Gobert and Bojan Bogdanovich this summer to begin a complete rebuild; The Spurs sent Dejount Murray to the Hawks, with Gregg Popovich telling people not to bet on them this season; The Thunder have already lost the season’s No. 2 overall pick to Chet Holmgren and Shy Gilgeous-Alexander for several weeks to knee injuries and appear poised for another lottery campaign; The Pacers could really dive into the mix if they moved Miles Turner and Buddy Heald.

Why are so many teams making a clear effort to get the No. 1 pick this year? One name: Victor Vembanyama. 18 year old French. projected top pick in the 2023 NBA draft, and the grandmasters see him as by far the best player outside the league right now. The 7-foot-4 center forward, with a height and skills that must be seen to be believed, has all the makings of a franchise cornerstone and would-be superstar.


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