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2022 Browns Fantasy Football Preview: Deshaun Watson’s status casts a pall over everything here

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This off-season, the Browns took a big step by trading Deshawn Watson, who didn’t play last season and is still under investigation by the NFL for multiple allegations of sexual harassment. Until we know if he will be suspended, it’s still hard to know what to do with this team, but at this point it seems more likely that they’ll be without Watson for most, if not all, of the season.

2021 Review

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Write down: 8 – 9 (19)
BCP: 20.5 (20) 27.1 (7)
YPG: 340.6 (18)
Pass YPG: 195.3 (27)
YPG Rush: 145.4 (4)
PAPG: 30.6 (28)
RAPG: 28.5 (9)

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2021 Fantasy ends

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QB: Baker Mayfield QB25
RB: Nick Chubb RB13, Karim Hunt RB50
BP: Jarvis Landry* WR51, Donovan Peoples-Jones WR63
TE: David Njoku TE22, Austin Hooper TE24
*No longer on the team

Number to know: 1

That’s the number of times Nick Chubb scored in double figures in Fantasy scoring last season in games where he didn’t score a touchdown. It’s not entirely correct to say he’s a touchdown or lose type of player – and that would be an unfair criticism given how often he scores – as long as he remains virtually unaffected by passing. game, Chubb will rely more on finding the end zone than any top level running back in the game.

Which limits both its floor and ceiling on a weekly and seasonal basis. Can he be in the top 5 runners in PPR scoring? Yes, maybe, but the path there is narrow – he needs to stay healthy in every game and probably be in the top two or three in both yards and touchdowns. And even that might not be enough – he was second in yards in just 14 games last season and was the 12th player in scoring per game with a relatively measly 15.5.

Of course, right now Chubb only has 11 RB in ADP on NFC, so his price is more than fair for a player like him. He has room to top this ADP, but he will likely need to find a decently larger end zone than last season, and this is where it gets a little hard for me to justify targeting him ahead of the likes of Aaron Jones, Saquon Barkley, or Leonard Furnett. . Any of these players can find their way to a dozen touchdowns, perhaps as easily as Chubb, especially if Jacoby Brisset is the starting QB for most of the season, and they can all triple Chubb’s total.

It matters less in non-PPR formats, although you would still feel better about Chubb’s chances of getting a lot of touchdowns if you felt better about the Browns’ offense overall. Overall, Chubb seems like a great pick at the end of the second round, but he probably doesn’t have enough advantages to become a significant value.

2021 off season

Draft Pick

3. (68) Martin Emerson, CB
3. (78) Alex Wright, Delaware
3. (99) David Bell, WR
4. (108) Perrion Winfrey, DT
4. (124) Cade York, K.
5. (156) Jerome Ford, RB
6. (202) Michael Woods, WR
7. (223) Isaiah Thomas, Delaware
7. (246) Dawson Deaton, O.L.


QB Deshaun Watson, WR Amari Cooper, WR Jakeem Grant, OL Chris Hubbard, LB Anthony Walker, QB Jacoby Brissette, DE Chase Vinovich

Key losses

WR Jarvis Landry, C JD Tretter, DE Jadeveon Clowney, TE Austin Hooper, DE Takkarist McKinley, DL Malik Jackson, CJ Uzomah

Available Opportunity

0 carry, 0 RB targets, 168 WR targets, 61 TE targets

2022 preview


Chris Towers Predictions

With Deshawn Watson

QB Deshawn Watson PA: 541, YD: 4115, TD: 30, INT: 14; Rush — ATT: 85, Yard: 299, TD: 5
RB Nick Chubb VEHICLE: 237, YD: 1187, TD: 12, TAR: 27, REC: 23, YD: 196, TD: 1
RB Karim Hunt VEHICLE: 142, YD: 641, TD: 7, TAR: 60, REC: 50, YD: 394, TD: 2
WR Amari Cooper TAR: 132, REC: 91, YD: 1189, TD: 8
WR Donovan Peoples-Jones TAR: 92, REC: 53, YD: 796, TD: 5
WR Anthony Schwartz TAR: 51, REC: 33, YD: 452, TD: 2
TE David Njoku TAR: 81, REC: 57, YD: 756, TD: 4

With Jacoby Brissett

QB Jacoby Brisset PA: 510, YD: 3466, TD: 20, INT: 14; RUSH — ATT: 51, Yard: 180, TD: 3
RB Nick Chubb VEHICLE: 257, YD: 1236, TD: 10, TAR: 25, REC: 21, YD: 174, TD: 1
RB Karim Hunt VEHICLE: 154, YD: 695, TD: 6, TAR: 56, REC: 47, YD: 356, TD: 2
WR Amari Cooper TAR: 132, REC: 81, YD: 978, TD: 7
WR Donovan Peoples-Jones TAR: 92, REC: 48, YD: 671, TD: 4
WR Anthony Schwartz TAR: 51, REC: 33, YD: 440, TD: 2
TE David Njoku TAR: 81, REC: 51, YD: 568, TD: 3

The biggest question

Will Deshawn Watson be suspended?

I’m going on the assumption that Watson is facing some kind of suspension, and this is a completely different team: Watson in QB against Jacoby Brissett. I also assume that Baker Mayfield will be sold at some point. Amari Cooper is in the top 10 WR with Watson, but you can’t pick him that high until we know how much, if any, Watson will play. Chubb seems to be the safest bet here, although even his advantage is reduced if Brisset holds off the Browns’ attack. To be honest, this might just be a breach that I avoid until we have some clarity – and given that we’re likely to see a protracted battle over what ends up being suspended, we may very well not have that one. clarity before the start of the season. .

One sleeper, one breakthrough and one bust

People-Jones would be a real breakout candidate if Watson played all season, but even with Brisset, I’m interested in fighting him in the late round. People-Jones shone as a big receiver last season, averaging a league-leading 17.6 yards per catch, and he showed signs of averaging 60 yards on 3.3 catches midway through the season. per game, with three touchdowns in six games. Peoples-Jones is unlikely to ever be anything more than a touchdown or loss receiver unless this passing game takes a big step forward overall, but the 23-year-old could become a bench player if he breaks out.

With Austin Hooper and his 61 targets out of the way, Njoku believes he will be the team’s main tight end. He will often share the field with Harrison Bryant, but Njoku should be one of the team’s top options in passing game and if he can score around 90 goals there is a chance he will be a viable starting option in the tight end this season. . He has always had the right size and athleticism to play a crucial role in this position, and while this figure again remains a fairly underutilized offense, it’s not unreasonable to think that Njoku could be the No. 2 receiver here, with potential for the best in career figures.

It’s almost certain that there will be someone in your league who will want to challenge Watson, unless he gets suspended for the whole season, but to be honest, I don’t think it makes much sense even if you want to. He did not play last season, he will join a new team with players and managers he has never played with before and he will have to do so, although he will probably have few opportunities to practice with them during his suspension. So, you’re going to have to stash a guy on your bench – suspended players are not eligible for most fantasy leagues and shouldn’t be – who you don’t know may actually still be performing at a high level in this new environment. . until he proves it. Juice should not be squeezed.


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