(Photo: Elite 11)

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Day 2 of the Elite 11 Finals is now in the books and there’s been a bit of a shake up in our top 11.

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Today’s practice was an afternoon practice where all 20 quarterbacks went through a simulated practice throwing nearly every ball in the course tree and were judged on accuracy, ball agility, footwork and ball handling.

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It was a three-point scoring system: three points for a perfect ball at the receiver’s chest, two points for a good ball, and one point for a ball caught.

We rated quarterbacks a little differently, although accuracy obviously plays a big part in our scoring. We continue to value based on physical instruments and forecasts.

So if one quarterback throws an accurate pass but has a long shot and the throw is a wobbler, and another quarterback throws a tight ball with a faster throw that is still in the tackle radius, we will earn the last throw higher than the throw. former.

Our top 11 for today is based on the results of two quarterback practices this week. The final workout on Thursday will be part of the 7v7 event.

247Sports National Analysts Chris Singletary, Steve Wiltfong and Blair Angulo contributed to the this report