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2022 Fantasy Football Draft Prep: QB sleepers available in the mid and late rounds

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One important detail that needs to be made clear in any article about sleeping fantasy quarterbacks is that there is no such thing as a sleeping quarterback. Today we are not going to hit you with any previously unknown QBs. Instead, we’re simply discussing a group of players who are backdated (or not chosen at all) who can greatly outperform their ADPs and make a meaningful contribution to successful fantasy seasons.

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We do not pretend that they are little known. Let’s just call them underrated, overwhelmed by potential, and available outside of the top 100 in a typical draft.

Trey Lance, San Francisco 49ers, Sportzshala ADP 110.2

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Threatened with infringement Dalton Del DonThe territorial right to control the Niners quarterback buzz, I just want to point out that Lance has amazing setups and his quick upside has worked well. In Lance’s two starts last season, he dribbled 24 times for 120 yards. His receiving body is outstanding, and arm strength certainly doesn’t bother him. Kyle Shanahan finally gave him unequivocal approval which many of us expected last season.

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I really don’t see a good reason why he shouldn’t be ranked and selected next to (or above) other double threat QBs in the top 10 position even though he’s buried at a lower level. Lance should really be a priority target for those waiting for quarterbacks; he clearly has an advantage in the top three.

Camp highlights from Lance and friends so far have been absurd for what it’s worth:

Derek Carr, Las Vegas Raiders, ADP 109.9

I have this crazy theory that the replacement Brian Edwards With Davante Adams this will be good for the raiders, so let’s just see how it plays out.

Last season, Carr averaged 282.6 passing yards per game while shooting 68.4% during a year that saw thousands of things go on his team. The upgraded host corps and coaching staff should help a lot. Darren Wallerthe return of health also seems to be noticeable. Carr has a great 5,000 yard season record. He hasn’t topped 30 touchdowns since 2015, but the addition of Adams should help him hit that mark again.

Las Vegas Raiders No. 4 Quarterback Derek Carr Has Fantastic Potential
Derek Carr’s fantasy arrow points upwards in 2022. (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

Tua Tagovailoa, Miami Dolphins, ADP 127.4

No team in the NFL has improved their quarterback support system this offseason like Miami. The offensive line was a mess last year, so they added a Pro Bowl left tackle. Terron Armstead and veteran Connor Williams. Reception seemed unfinished, so the team earned a three-time All-Pro. Tyreke Hillcoming out of the season 111 catches. Chase Edmonds as well as Cedric Wilson now also in action. If Tagovailoa can’t make it big with this band… well, oops.

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So far in the camp, the Tua-Thayrik connection seems pretty reliable. If you’re not sure if these two are in for a deep attack, here’s a clip you need to watch:

Justin Fields, Chicago Bears, ADP 131.9

While the Dolphins chose to surround their young quarterback with elite talent in various positions, the Bears patched up their offense with the dregs of the other team. It’s hard to say which approach will work best. Time will tell. *extreme eye roll*

I’ll just remind you that Fields was responsible for the best play made last season by any member of the 2021 rookie quarterback class:

He, of course, also made his share of mistakes, working behind a lousy O-line and on a system that was not designed for him. But we definitely saw in The Fields features that should eventually lead to success in fantasy (and in reality). If he can just stay healthy this season, it’s likely that he’ll pass the 600 yard mark with 3,600 or more. It is quite reasonable to predict that the year from the Fields will be very similar to the season. Jalen Hurts just produced for Philadelphia.

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