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2022 Fantasy Football Quarterback Shuffle Up: Justin Herbert to the moon

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In real life, the quarterback is everything. It’s not just the most important position in football, it’s the most important position in team sports. Fantasy football? Quarterback is just another position. This is the third or fourth most important of the four main locations, depending on your point of view.

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I think this is the least important position on the field for fantasy managers (defense and kicker don’t count here).

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This, of course, does not mean that we do not want to do it right. But you can do just about anywhere in the ADP with quarterbacks, and in a salary cap draft there are plenty of smart ways to attack the position. If you play in a league where only one starting quarterback is required, you will probably never feel tired or anxious in this position. There are many acceptable options.

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Mind you, my favorite leagues are those that require more than one starting player; my day league selects one Superflex seat where the manager can select a quarterback, running back, wide receiver, or tight end. This makes the league a de facto league with two quarterbacks, but doesn’t completely limit a team’s options if they don’t have a second option from time to time.

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The dollar figures below are non-scientific, but reflect how I see quarterback talent clusters. My number is on the left; the number on the right is that the player commanded in the recent Vegas Flex salary cap league, which went through its draft earlier this week.

Are there disagreements? Okay, so we have a game. I applaud your reasoned disagreement on Twitter: @scott_pianoski.

There will be more shuffles next week – after the signal players we will have running backs.

Big Tickets

$35 Josh Allen ($35)

$32 Justin Herbert ($29)

Joe Burrow for $31 ($31)

$31 Lamar Jackson ($29)

$30 Patrick Mahomes ($32)

$29 Kyler Murray ($28)

Although Allen is an exception to my proposed proposal, I will probably play the expectation/value game and go the other way with my quarterback builds as I don’t want to give up the running back or receiver available in Allen’s pocket. I also think that maybe he could lose some weight this year and hell, his YPA was a modest 6.8 last season. He is an excellent player. But others have a chance to defeat him. . . Herbert is tied to a Chargers lineup that, at 1-for-53, could be the best in the AFC, though a little more team speed would be nice. . . I’m assuming the appendectomy won’t hold Barrow back and it looks like the Bengals have finally set up a line of attack. . . Jackson’s fast-paced chops and his connection to Mark Andrews beautiful, but he desperately needs Rashod Bateman pop in for Year 2 because the rest of the Baltimore receptionist is suspicious. . . It may seem strange to see Mahomes a little lower than usual, although he belongs to this level, and I would not have serious disagreements if someone put him second overall in this position. Andy Reed needs to find a big, wide-ranging sponsor among several new candidates added by Kansas City. . . Murray didn’t want to run after the injuries he sustained last year and I don’t like the host group either and I don’t trust Cliff Kingsbury. When Murray seeps to the top of my draft board, I’ll probably shrug my shoulders and wait for another level to come into play.

Legal building blocks

$27 Tom Brady ($21)

$27 Russell Wilson ($30)

$25 Duck Prescott ($30)

$24 Jalen Hurts ($25)

$23 * Matthew Stafford ($32)

$22 Kirk Cousins ​​($26)

$22 Derek Carr ($25)

$21 Trey Lance ($25)

$21 Aaron Rodgers ($19)

There are some concerns about Tampa Bay’s inside line, but Brady is isolated with talented strikeouts as usual and he could play a full season as well. His likely last dance should be harmonious. . . Wilson did what Brady did in 2020: he escaped in time to a better situation. Even without Tim Patrick — which would have been on several of my pre-injury lists for sure — Wilson has an above-average set of pieces, not to mention more offensive leeway than he had in Seattle. . . Prescott badly needs a second option to come forward and agree with CD Lamb (I like Dalton Schultzbut someone else is needed. If a Will Fuller healthy, looks like an ideal candidate. . . Hurts has a powerful charge ahead and a fantastic line of attack, and AJ Brown was a great addition, but I still don’t fully trust Hurts as a passer. Too many of his products last year came at a junk time; it’s great when it happens, but it’s not a sustainable business model. . .

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts (1) has a lot of fantasies
Can fantasy managers trust Jalen Hurts as a passer? (Photo by Andy Lewis/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

Stafford would be well into his 20s were it not for the uncertainty surrounding his elbow. I’ll probably bypass him until we clear things up. . . Cousins ​​is finally getting a head offensive coach, and while the Viking skill table isn’t particularly deep, there are stars at the top. He is an excellent choice if you prefer a humble approach to the position. . . Carr is essentially the AFC version of Cousins, an underrated veteran who throws into a strong receiver group. Las Vegas have problems with their offensive line, but they are easier to disguise with a pass block than a run block. . . It’s hard to know what Lance is up to as a point guard, given that he has essentially worn the red shirt for two years in a row. But his quick shots make for a good floor. . . At first we were led to believe that Rogers knew Davante Adams left the city; it now appears that Rogers was stunned, as was everyone else. Rogers still has a lot left in the tank, but the pedestrian reception in Green Bay limits his potential significantly. I will not be actively playing for Rodgers in 2022.

Talk to them, talk to them

$14 Trevor Lawrence ($17)

$12 back tag ($15)

$11 Justin Fields ($14)

$10 Matt Ryan ($12)

$8 Daniel Jones ($13)

$7 Carson Wentz ($10)

$7 Jared Goff ($8)

$7 Ryan Tannehill ($7)

Like many QB sophomores, Lawrence gets a retake. I can’t agree that every professional scout was wrong about him, and it’s entirely possible that Urban Meyer was the worst modern coach in NFL history. . . No one knows for sure if Tagovailoa can be a plus quarterback, but with Tyreke Hill here and Jaylen Waddle ascending, we are going to find out. . . The Bears’ front office has programmed Fields to fail, but his quickness and athleticism provide a reasonable level of fantasy. . . Ryan looks like a world tournament winner compared to the exiled Wentz, who has fared far worse than his stats show. Ryan needs it too Michael Pittman have a breakthrough year, but most of us agree with that. . . Jones, like Lawrence, is entering a pivotal year, but may end up tied to positive coaching. . . Goff is mid-level in the league, but his prowess in Detroit makes him interesting in the deeper leagues. . . Tannehill is in the second half of his career and Brown no longer has the opportunity to carry him around the QB1 cut line. Tennessee was the number one seed last year but will probably not make the playoffs this year.

Trash can

$6 Mac Jones ($9)

$5 Jameis Winston ($8)

$4 Zach Wilson ($7)

Baker Mayfield for $3 ($7)

$2 Marcus Mariota ($6)

$2 Davis Mills ($5)

$2 * Deshawn Watson ($4)

$1 Mitch Trubisky ($5)

$1 Geno Smith ($1)

$0 Jacoby Brisset ($2)

Jones is a vanilla pick in a position with a lot of enticing growth options, but I could still live with him as a deep QB if the others on my list were ceiling oriented. . . Winston was a player in Tampa and he was a hell of a fun player in 2019 but in New Orleans the scheme is less ambitious and I’m not sure what the reception room will be unless Chris Olav it is an instant star. No, I don’t plan ahead Michael Thomas (or Alvin Camara, for that matter). . . I want Mayfield to snap, if only so I can draft dj moore with certainty . . . Mills is way better than most people think. He will have a 12-year run in this league. Perhaps Houston is looking to replace him next year, and that makes sense – you need a QB who could theoretically be a springboard for the championship. But that doesn’t mean Mills can’t play. At least it maintains fantasy value Brandin Cooksforever underestimated.

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