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2022 NFL training camp fantasy football notes: Why did Josh Jacobs play in the Hall of Fame game?

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Every week this preseason fantasy football analyst Matt Harmon will be sifting through all the noise of the boot camp to find the appropriate signal – key information that fantasy developers can use to their advantage this year.

Josh Jacobs played in the Hall of Fame game

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Yeah, NFL starting runner playing in before-Preseason game worthy of coverage.

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The Raiders had no other big-name starters on the field for that game. Former first round player Josh Jacobs was an exception, as he rolled into the first series and continued to work deeper into the first quarter.

We knew that the new hires were not enthusiastic about Jacobs. The Dave Zeigler/Josh McDaniels Brain Trust is not the group that chose Jacobs, and earlier this year they rejected him for a fifth year.

However, if this is any indication of how they feel about Jacobs in the broader context of the offensive ecosystem, it’s a bad sign – and it’s more extreme than we thought.

My colleague Charles Robinson reported this team used their runners as a “situation committee” and went so far as to say, “If you don’t like the way the Patriots use quarterbacks, turn away. It will look like.”

At the very least, we’re starting to imagine that the gap between Jacobs and his teammates is closing. Throw out his draft status or any previous statistical record that was moderate anyway, as it’s clear that McDaniels and his staff are doing it. Worth keeping an eye on this corps of runners to the end just in case someone is kind of a beginner Zamir White begins to take on a leading role.

Jacobs was completely unavailable for his RB20-22 ADP and will continue to be so.

Brandon Aiyuk loses his temper

“Here we go again.”

Yes that’s right. We are once again excited by a supremely talented player.

Coaches beat reporters and The 49ers defenders were at close range statement Brandon Aiyuk was outstanding in training camp.

This should not be surprising. Aiyuk has been a prolific player in the NFL for two seasons and is still just beginning to unlock his huge potential. If you drop weeks 1-7, when Aiyuk was clearly out of favor, he was the player you chose him to be last year. He was a Top 20 Fantasy Receiver from weeks 8 to 18.

So it’s not just camp hype. This is building on a foundation.

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Aiyuk’s skills as an upright, athletic external X-receiver are a perfect match for what Trey Lance lead to this offense. Aiyuk routes are not suitable for Jimmy Garoppolo preferred lanes for throwing. Lance is a completely different passer.

Aiyuk remains of great value where he goes in checkers. The gap between him and Deebo Samuel closes.

Elijah Moore “seems to have solidly established himself” as the No. 1 wide receiver.

Jets has built a great ecosystem for Zach Wilson after he wrestled as a rookie.

New York added to their offensive line, traded for a running back in the 2nd round, took a wide receiver with the 10th overall pick, and added two veterans to the tight end’s empty room. It was a redoubling effort after adding multiple blocking and receiving options last year.

And yet one seems to stand above the rest. Zach Rosenblatt of The Athletic writes about it.“If it was in question, Moore seems to have firmly established himself as the No. 1 receiver on this team. He’s in line for the big year”, after watching Elijah Moore deployment and play in the training camp.

Elijah Moore, New York Jets No. 8, Has Fantastic Potential
Elijah Moore may take his fantasy to the next level in 2022. (Photo by Stephen Ryan/Getty Images)

Moore looked like an exceptional player when he watched him alone last year. Moore, branded as a slot-only draft pick, unraveled those misjudgments by winning on a consistent route-to-route basis as the Jets’ X-receiver.

Moore has all the talents and qualities of a legitimate No.1 wide receiver. Considering it’s a crowded body catching passes and Wilson is still in question, getting Moore alongside his WR33 ADP is sort of a “talent bet” offer. But his talent is so overwhelming that it’s a bet I’m willing to make in every draft.

The ‘difficult’ situation with Matthew Stafford’s elbow

Following Matthew Stafford The note will be the first in a series of Rams updates in this post. The reigning Super Bowl champions never leave us bored.

This situation with Stafford is by far the most difficult, so it’s hard to know what to say about it. However, there was a constant wisp of concern, or at least awareness, of Stafford’s ongoing elbow problem in his throwing arm.

It’s worth noting that this is not really a new situation, at least not for Sean McVeigh and those in the building. Stafford struggled with this pain last season, but the team just manages it differently now.

Again, it’s just hard to know what to do with it right now. Hearing from a coach that an injury is “uncommon for a quarterback” won’t calm you down. However, I don’t think we’re at the point where we’re adjusting expectations for Stafford, any of his pass catchers, or the Rams in general because of this deal. It’s a virtual castle and we’ll be getting updates on it throughout the year, and if you’re going to invest in Rams in any form, you’ll probably turn your back on every Stafford Arm news item.

Edwin Porras put it well in his post above: “If the Rams are watching it, then so are you.”

Athletic Jourdan Rodrigue reports “It is realistic to believe that Van Jefferson will be ready by the first week.

The Rams wide receiver went through a “clear” procedure on the same knee he did during the offseason. Van Jefferson survived pain in that knee until the end of 2021, so if he can perform 100 percent, it will be better for him and the Rams in the long run. I like Jefferson as a player and thought he would be an underrated part of the Rams’ offense.

It’s still a bit of a concern that he’ll be cutting it closer to the start of the season.

The Rams have the best all-star receiver duo in cooper coup as well as Allen Robinson but the depth behind them is questionable without Jefferson in the mix. If Jefferson misses the time, the Rams will have to run out. Ben Lark as well as Tutu Atwell on WR3. Remember this is a team that wants to play many sets with three receivers.

None of these guys should be regulars. Skowronek is a limited blocking receiver while Atwell is too small to be the third receiver.

The main trump card “Rams” in the sleeve of the receiver was a reunion with Odell Beckham Jr. but he is not an option to start the season. Thus, Los Angeles should hope that Jefferson can return to the previous level soon. At the moment I think it’s a tree going through a funnel between Kupp and Robinson.

Rams coach Sean McVeigh said, “I’m looking at it because we have two starting quarterbacks.”

What we have here is a classic pre-season coach saying, “I don’t know what to do with this.”

It might mean something. It might mean nothing. But a quote like this from Sean McVeigh makes you wonder if you’re interested in clicking Cam Akers on his reasonable ADP RB18 and makes you wonder Darrell Henderson may be too late on RB42.

Jourdan Rodrigue noted that both defenders shared time “pretty even” with the first team offense, and that McVeigh said, “I think it’s good for them to be able to complement each other.”

The Rams treated Akers as a clean man for most of the postseason, and there was little rush to show it. Henderson certainly gave them a spark in passing game when he returned to the Super Bowl.

I’m not ready to completely adjust the Rams’ rating based on this yet, but I’m willing to keep my mind open to doing so soon. To be honest, I don’t think there is a major gap in their talents – if there is one at all.

Nate Taylor of The Athletic reports that RB Isaiah Pacheco will “start pre-season as a kick-off returner.”

While kickback duties may not seem like such a big deal, it is is big news. NFL Draft Day Three Rookie Isaiah Pacheco did limited reps with the first team in training camp. The backfield depth of the Chiefs is fairly wide open. Clyde Edwards-Heler, which was a wobbly starter at best. Ronald Jones received a minimal deal in the realm of free will and Jeric McKinnon was later re-signed.

Pacheco has a chance to play an important role this season.

If he does the primary kickback, he is guaranteed to be on the list. That kind of stuff matters when we’re talking about late-round rookies.

In addition, he will have additional chances to surprise the coaches. And if something happened to CEH during the game, Pacheco would be the lock to be active and possibly get the first crack in the early down job.

All of this gives him an advantage over Jones if he pushes the veteran enough as a running back on line-up day. It’s not a castle, but it’s a situation that needs to be controlled.

Kenny Pickett doesn’t look like he’s close to starting

Every report from the Steelers camp indicates what the Steelers intended to give. Mitchell Trubisky early runway for the start of the first week and this newbie Kenny Pickett didn’t do much to change their minds.

The rookie snaps for the third team and doesn’t play at the level to push the Steelers to promote him. To be fair, camp observers noted that although Trubisky was the only guy to recruit first-team representatives, he wasn’t great either..

I argued that it couldn’t be much worse than what Ben Roethlisberger did for this team the last two years. The would-be Hall of Fame passer was a shell of himself and was such a limiting factor because he flat out refused to go to the center or embrace Matt Canada’s favorite concepts like movement or playing action. Moving crime into a more modern direction…


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