The Tampa Bay Lightning put their life on display in Game 3 of the 2022 Stanley Cup Finals against the Colorado Avalanche. Losing in Game 2, Tampa scored six different scorers in a 6-2 win.

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Having conceded 11 goals in the first two games, Andrei Vasilevsky returned to form in goal, making 37 saves. The Lightning won a franchise-record eight home playoff games in a row.

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And for the 23rd consecutive season, there will be no sweep in the Stanley Cup Finals.

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Aws center Nathan McKinnon, who scored 32 goals in the regular season, experienced a slight slump in the Stanley Cup Finals. He has zero goals and only two assists in three games.

“Of course I want to score goals, but I have to do my job there,” McKinnon said after Monday’s loss. “[I have to] play very well in defense, create forechecks for his teammates, every little thing. Stay aggressive and shoot the puck. I feel they will come in; I just have to trust myself.”

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This will be a key night in Tampa before the series returns to Denver for Friday’s game. Here are all the sights and sounds from game 4.

Look from the side, be a part

Both teams were busy entering the arena for Game 4.

Return of the ring(s)

Talismans deserve their champion rings as much as anyone else, so it’s nice to see the Lightning Talisman reclaim the two they lost.