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2022 Year-End Fantasy Football Awards

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Matt Harmon and Scott Pianovski are closing the book on the 2022 regular season by coming up with their own year-end fantasy football awards and handing them out to the lucky winners.

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Find out who was the Fantasy MVP, Fantasy Rookie of the Year, which team had the most scapegoats, who we spent the most oxygen on, and more, including a few minutes of Matt and Scott discussing their favorite books.

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Before summing up, the guys will also name the best wire-off case of the season and the most frustrating end-of-season injury for fantasy football in 2022.

02:50 2022 Fantasy MVP

09:55 Fantasy Rookie of the Year 2022

19:30 Touchdown Allergy Award

22:40 “Additional glass” in the cinema hall of the award

26:30 Hell’s Island Award

27:30 “Moving is an adventure” award

29:15 Best fantasy ecosystem

31:55 Polaroid Awards (Slow Rookie WR)

34:10 The second course of WR will most likely end up in a dog kennel next season

38:00 Award for the most unexpected show of police friends

40:55 Worst story award

44:00 Scapegoat Variety Award

46:50 Lost Oxygen Award

50:20 Waiting for Godot Awards / Book Chat

56:00 Most frustrating injury at the end of fantasy season

57:00 Best pickup of the season

60:35 This league moves fast award

62:20 Al Capone Vault Award

65:00 Reward “There’s no way I can convince you this was real if I had a time machine and went back to summer to tell you one particular thing.”

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