The 2023 Baseball Hall of Fame vote is just around the corner. The Baseball Writers Association of America will announce this year’s election results live from Cooperstown on Tuesday, January 24 at 6:00 pm ET on MLB Network.

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Of the 14 former players who will return to vote this year, Scott Rolen, who appeared on the ballot for the sixth time, received the highest percentage of votes on all ballots cast in 2022, at 63.2%. A player needs 75% of the votes to be elected.

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The only ones to receive at least 50% of the BBWAA votes last year were Todd Helton (52%) and Billy Wagner (51%), fifth and eighth year respectively.

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All three could remain on the ballot if not elected on Tuesday, as candidates can run for 10 years if they are on at least 5% of all ballots cast in the previous year. Other returnees from last year are Andrew Jones, Gary Sheffield, Alex Rodriguez, Jeff Kent, Manny Ramirez, Omar Vizkel, Andy Pettitt, Jimmy Rollins, Bobby Abreu, Mark Buhrle and Torii Hunter.

An additional 14 players will debut on the BBWAA ballots in 2023, including Bronson Arroyo, Carlos Beltran and Jacoby Ellsbury.

In December, Fred McGriff was selected as the newest member of the Hall of Fame, while Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens and Kurt Schilling were again rejected. McGriff was unanimously selected from among 16 members of the first modern baseball era committee, which considered a vote of eight candidates whose major contributions to the game were made after 1980.

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