2023 Fantasy Baseball Draft Prep: Prospects-only mock for H2H points leagues


Maybe you have seen how our prospectuses only mock the 5×5 Rotisserie scoring. Well, we did the same for the individual scoring – and got completely different results!

That was one of the goals of this exercise, to show how malleable lead ranking can be. The other was to bring in new names that might have more to do with one format than another. Not surprisingly, 14 more pitchers were drafted here than in the 5-on-5 variation (41 vs. 27). The changes are most evident at the start of the draft, when Yuri Perez finished 8th overall instead of 22nd, and at the end, when Jake Eder, Kyle Muller, and Ken Waldichuk were among the draft picks over Benny Montgomery, Brian Rocchio, and Garrett. Mitchell.

  • Outlook – Only for Roto and 5×5 leagues

Generally, drafters have been less inclined to swing big for more premium athletes in this, recognizing that skill is as critical to a hitter’s value as raw ability, with strikeouts and walks counting along with home runs and stolen bases. . This is the format in which you will most likely see Jackson Holliday leading Drew Jones and that is exactly what happened in this one.

Here’s who all took part:

1) R.J. WhiteCBS Sports (@rjwhite1)
2) Doug Rowedefending the Podcast League champion
3) Frank StampflCBS Sports (@Roto_Frank)
four) Scott WhiteCBS Sports (@CBSScottWhite)
five) Jake VinerProspects1500 (@GatorSosa)
6) Drew WheelerOutlook Live (@drewisokay)
7) Phil PonebsekPatton and company
8) Rhys WhiteOutlook Live (@RhysBWhite)
nine) Team KanakFantasy Baseball (@fantasyaceball)
10) Chris TowersCBS Sports (@CTowersCBS)
eleven) Chris Blessingbaseball headquarters (@C_Blessing)
12) Chris WelshProspect One (@IsItTheWelsh)

Round after round
Round 1
Pos. Command Player
1 R.J. White G. Henderson 3B Ball
2 Doug Rowe K. Carroll LF ARI
3 Frank Stampfl J. Walker 3B STL
four Scott White A fox SS NYY
five Jake Viner G. Rodriguez SP BAL
6 Drew Wheeler J. Churio CF MIL
7 Phil Ponebsek Painter SP FI
8 Rhys White E. Perez JV MVD
nine Team Kanak C. Mansardo 1 billion TB
10 Chris Towers J. Lowlar SS AR
eleven Chris Blessing J. Wood CF WAS
12 Chris Welsh E. De La Cruz SS CIN
Round 2
Pos. Command Player
13 Chris Welsh R. Tiedemann SP TZ
fourteen Chris Blessing J. Holliday SS BAL
15 Chris Towers M. Vargas 1B YEARS
sixteen Team Kanak H. Brown RP HOW
17 Rhys White F. Alvarez C New York
eighteen Phil Ponebsek D. Espino SP CLE
nineteen Drew Wheeler K. Senga SP NIM
20 Jake Viner D. Jones KF ARI
21 Scott White T. at home 1B HP
22 Frank Stampfl Jay Young 3B TEX
23 Doug Rowe N. Mars SS CIN
24 R.J. White C. Harrison SP SF
Round 3
Pos. Command Player
25 R.J. White

Source: www.cbssports.com