2023 Fantasy Baseball First Base Preview: Rankings, sleepers, busts, top prospects, and an ADP overview

In a way, 2022 has been kind of a flop for the first base position in Fantasy Baseball. Looking back at last year’s ADP for this position, there aren’t many success stories. Among the top 12 basemen selected this time last year, only four received higher draft picks this year: Freddie Freeman (18.21 ADP in the 22nd and 12.97 in the 23rd), Paul Goldschmidt (48 .78 vs. 24.8), Pete Alonso (48.85 vs. 19.16). ) and Rhys Hoskins (from 123.98 to 120.35).

Guys like Jared Walsh (392.7 ADP in 23rd) and DJ LeMahieu (244.54) saw their prices completely collapse, while Vladimir Guerrero (11.77) became frustrated after his breakout season. while José Abreu fell from the top 80 to almost falling out of the top 100 (92.4) and Ryan Mountcastle went from round 10 to 13.

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But it wasn’t all bad. Goldschmidt has had an incredible season, which doesn’t quite reflect on his current price, while Vinnie Pasquantino (92.9) and Nathaniel Lowe (101.5) have made huge strides forward and look set to make a big difference in the future. I don’t have much faith in Lowe – his breakthrough was fueled by a more aggressive approach to the plate, and I’m worried that pitchers will react by throwing him fewer shots – but he’s a relatively young, talented hitter with some upside down nonetheless. Something this position desperately needs.

The question is whether other young players in this position will take the same step forward. We have guys like Andrew Won (137.55) and José Miranda (153.24) who could break through, although I like the former more than the latter. And then you have Rowdy Tellez (162.3) who could improve with a shift ban and…then you sort of run out of solid options with real upside potential.

This is the state of the position right now. Hope comes from Spencer Thorkelson (304.6), Triston Casas (231.7), Matt Mervis (371.1) and several other young prospects who have upside potential. If some of these guys turn out to be like Pasquantino last year, first base could be formidable again.

Now we are, as it were, between eras.

Preparing for the 2023 draft

First base Best prospects

1. Miguel Vargas, 1B, Dodgers

Age (on opening day): 23
Where did you play in 2022: Triple-A, specialty
Minor league stats: .304 BA (438 AB), 17 HR, 16 SB, .915 OPS, 71 BB, 76 K
Major league stats: .170 VA (47 AB), 1 PR, 1 2B, 1 RLS, 2 CH, 13 K
While there is little controversy over Vargas’ gender, which is backed by a hitting tool that has seen him hit .300 or better up and down the secondary, some wonder if his strength is the one that can cement the lineup. However, the main reason for such nitpicking is his obscure defensive home, where third base, second base, and left field are still in play.
Scott’s influence on fantasy in 2023: fight this spring.

2. Triston House, 1B, Red Sox

Age (on opening day): 23
Where did you play in 2022: Rookie, Triple-A, Majors
Minor league stats: .281BA (278AB), 12HR, .889OPS, 49BB, 70K
Major league stats: .197 BA (76 AB), 5 HR, .766 OPS, 19 BB, 23 K
Casas earned high comparisons with the likes of Freddie Freeman and Joey Votto during his rise to the minor leagues, and while performance may not always have been up to par due in part to injuries, talent was evident late in the season. trial. He’s a freak on base with the kind of opposing field strength that should play well in Fenway Park with the Green Monster on the left.
Scott’s influence on fantasy in 2023: draw it

3. Tyler Soderstrom, 1B, track and field

Age (on opening day): 21
Where did you play in 2022: High-A, Double-A, Triple-A
Minor league stats: .267 BA (505 AB), 29 HR, .825 OPS, 40 BB, 145 K
The Athletics haven’t abandoned Soderstrom as a catcher, but he played mostly at first base last year. If it gets him to the Majors earlier (and more often in the roster), we’ll take him. His numbers were lowered early on by a hand injury and cold weather in Lansing, Michigan, but he’s hit .283 since May 1 with a .865 OPS.
Scott’s influence on fantasy in 2023: mid season

4. Matt Mervis, 1B, Cubs

Age (on opening day): 24
Where did you play in 2022: High-A, Double-A, Triple-A
Minor league stats: .309 BA (512 AB), 36 HR, 40 2B, .984 OPS, 50 BB, 107 K
Mervis went from being a no-name to leading the minor leagues in total bases last season, dominating every stop with a short swing that resulted in surprisingly low strikeout rates for a power hitter. The Cubs think they’ve got another Anthony Rizzo on their hands and seem happy that Mervis will be handed the keys to first base this spring and Eric Hosmer mostly for contingencies.
Scott’s influence on fantasy in 2023: fight this spring

5. Kyle Manzardo, 1B, Race

Age (on opening day): 22
Where did you play in 2022: High-A, Double-A
Minor league stats: .327 BA (324 AB), 22 HR, 1.043 OPS, 59 BB, 65 K
Since being selected in the second round two years ago, all Manzardo has done is hit .330 with a 1.043 OPS, maintaining the same level of scoring at three levels. The output speed is so-so, but he puts the ball where it needs to be for maximum damage. The only problem is that he has a narrow defensive path in an organization that values ​​lineup flexibility.
Scott’s influence on fantasy in 2023: mid season


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