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2023 NFL draft: Steelers 5 best 1st-round options

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We have already talked about what biggest needs intend to play for the Pittsburgh Steelers 2023 NFL Draft. Who is the best fit for Pittsburgh in the first round? Assuming Pittsburgh isn’t going to rally in the second half of the season and end up picking something from the top seven or eight picks, here are the top five players the Steelers should consider. And no, there won’t be quarterbacks on this list.

1-DT Jalen Carter, Georgia

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Perhaps there is no more influential player in the entire draft than Georgia guard Jalen Carter. This includes the best quarterbacks. At nearly 315 pounds, Carter casts a massive shadow, but his ability to penetrate using an elite combination of speed and strength is truly impressive.

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2-EDGE Will Anderson, Jr., Alabama

Gary Cosby Jr – USA TODAY Sports

If Carter is the No. 1 draft pick, then Alabama EDGE’s Will Anderson, Jr. is No. 2. Anderson creates a similar level of chaos for offense, but he does it as an outline with fast passing and elite hand use. .

3-CB Cali Ringo, Georgia

Joshua L Jones News

If the Steelers fail to sign Cameron Sutton, picking the No. 1 guard will be top priority. This is an exceptional full-back class for four of the five guys projected into the top 15 picks. What sets Ringo apart from other guys is his speed. Ringo can work with anyone and that’s what the Steelers need.

4-OT Petr Skoronsky, North-West

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The offensive tackle is a tough group this year and there are three or four guys vying to be the top prospect. But in terms of just a dominant play, no other offensive move in this draft can match what Northwestern’s Peter Skoronski did. Skoronski is an incredible athlete who can replicate even the best college football pass rushers while also being a powerful finisher in the running game.

5-CB Joey Porter, Jr., PA

To be honest, we could hook four or five guys into this place. There are other guys from EDGE, defensive and offensive tackle, who also play here. But we give Penn State quarterback Joey Porter Jr credit based on history. The son of former Steelers legend Joey Porter, the Pennsylvania star will be on the Steelers’ radar at all times. But truth be told, if the other four guys on this list aren’t on the board, all bets on which direction Pittsburgh will go in will be off.

The story originally appeared on Steelers Wire.


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