2023 NFL Mock Draft: Bears stockpile future picks, Bucs trade up for QB, Packers finally take first-round WR

The NFL unification begins this week, which means a draft roster of several hundred players is likely to be viewed in a different light in seven days. This, of course, includes the quarterbacks, a group that is considered much better than their 2022 counterparts, with four likely to make it out of the top 10.

This week, for fun, the two teams traded franchise players. Unsurprisingly, the Colts move up three places to get their future quarterback (not Anthony Richardson!), while the Bears move to 4th and accumulate spades.

Specifically, the Colts receive the No. 1 overall pick, while the Bears receive Nos. 4, 36, 80, and 2024 in the first and second rounds. If this compensation sounds familiar to you, we’re taking it from the most recent First Pick podcast, where it was suggested by CBS Sports Draft analyst Josh Edwards. You can watch the entire show, also with former Vikings CEO Rick Speelman, below:

In another bogus trade, the Buccaneers moved up from 19th in a deal with the Falcons to get an eighth pick quarterback. (Details of the trade, in case you’re wondering: The Buck gets #8, the Falcons get #18, #83, and in 2024, the first and fourth – this looks like something the Bears gave up to get away with # 1. 20th to 11th and draft Justin Fields back in 2021.)

Keep reading to see how the rest of the first round unfolds.

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Remember, there are only 31 first-round picks in this dummy draft because the Dolphins were stripped of their first-round pick due to rigging.


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