2023 NFL Mock Draft: Only 3 QBs in Round 1 as teams seek other positions; top OT prospect returns to school


Perhaps the biggest highlight of the past week was that Penn State left tackle Ol Fashan, who was my OT1 all fall, and announced that he would be returning to school for the 2023 season. That’s understandable, of course – he’s still a few days away from his 20th birthday – but it also means that teams looking for an elite left tackle are in for a shake-up at the top of the draft.

Meanwhile, the quarterback position remains as volatile as ever. Bryce Young is who we thought he was, and CJ Stroud continues to fight for his rights as QB2, at least on production grounds. In fact, you can hear me and former Vikings general manager Rick Speelman talking about the two best quarterbacks in the class. on the latest NFL Draft podcast “First Pick” (sign here).

Meanwhile, Will Lewis remains a wild card. “huge potential, but there are plenty of reasons we’re not quite seeing it right now” franchise passer who struggles with a toe and shoulder injury, porous offensive line and young, inexperienced wide receivers.

In the end, it doesn’t matter, because when you’re in the top 10, you’re expected to be able to overcome adversity even if it hits you all at once. NFL evaluators will spend weeks and months between now and the draft trying to figure out what a healthy Lewis, surrounded by details that will help him succeed, might look like at the next level. The problem, of course, is that usually top draft teams don’t have these things.

Another mitigating factor is that Young’s height is closer to 5’10,185 than to 6’200. And if you look back at all the quarterbacks who have played in the league since 2000, you will see two names that have come close to that size and weight: Seneca Wallace and Joe Hamilton. That’s all. Wallace, who was selected in the fourth round in 2003, was 5’11” and 196 pounds in the combine. Hamilton, the 2000 round seven player, was 5ft 10in and weighed 192lbs. In other words: Young, not to mention the fact that QB1 is just a first-round player, will be a precedent choice. I think he’s worth it, no doubt, but there will be skepticism in the league.

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There are only 31 picks in this fake draft because the Dolphins lost their first-round pick due to fraud.

One more thing, we’re finally moving to draft order and ditching reverse Super Bowl chances, but note that what’s reflected below is the order leading up to Week 13’s Sunday game list.

Source: www.cbssports.com