2023 NFL offseason NFC questions: Will Chicago Bears trade the first overall pick in the NFL draft?

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Chicago Bears: “Are we trading or keeping the #1 choice?”

It all starts with the best overall choice for Chicago. To be clear, I think the answer to this question is a resounding yes. I have little doubt that they will pay for this many-pick pick to a team desperate to get their pick from the quarterback litter.

Once this move is made, Chicago will be able to solidify its plans to build a team around Justin Fields. Passing was a problem for the Bears last year, and most of Fields’ net shooting numbers were poor. He needs to grow as a player, but the fact that the team surrounded him last year was unforgivably substandard. The Bears already have more cap space than any other team by a wide margin, and once this trade is complete, they will have an arsenal of draft picks replenished.

Arizona Cardinals: “How committed are we to 2023?”

If the new decision makers at the Cardinals are looking to the future, no one can blame them. Monty Ossenforth and Jonathan Gannon have taken over a line-up that is hastily outdated and unlikely to be Kyler Murray available for the start of the season.

The answer to that question will dictate how they approach the offseason. DeAndre Hopkins status with the team’s hands in balance. If the Cardinals are looking to rebuild, it makes sense to see what they can get for their aging veteran receiver.

Based on last year’s movie, Hopkins still has a good ball, even if he’s getting a little weaker. He makes a lot of sense when paired with a young, rising quarterback who wants to take the next step in his development. Hopkins would be a fantastic candidate for restoration in the right environment.

Los Angeles Rams: “Are we also re-equipping in offense?”

The Rams have given a clear signal that they are retooling defensively. Despite receiving All-Pro votes last year, Bobby Wagner was cut for cap reasons. It sounds like Jalen Ramsey could also be handed out for choice. Guys all around Aaron Donald will look different this year as the Rams move into the next phase of Sean McVeigh’s regime.

There are not many clear breakpoints in the attack. It’s possible that the guys with the skill positions they encountered last year are the same as they were from the first week of 2023. I think the core Matthew Stafford, Cooper Kupp, Allen Robinson, Cam Akers and healthy Van Jefferson more than functional. The Rams just need some kind of functional pass protection that eluded them at every turn in 2022.

Carolina Panthers: What’s the quarterback’s plan?

The Panthers conduct a thorough check Derek Carr during his free agency tour at the NFL Scouting Combine. But I still argue that both the Panthers and Frank Reich are likely to want to off veteran quarterback carousel than make another spin.

The Panthers could be one of many teams trying to climb into the top 10 to pick a quarterback. Even if they end up with a third- or fourth-ranked player in position, there are plenty of interim-level quarterbacks in free agency to hold the fort while this young guy develops. Jacoby Brisset makes a lot of sense after a strong season in Cleveland and his ties to Reich.

New Orleans Saints: “If we don’t get Derek Carr … So what?”

When I was considering a match for Carr, Saints always made the most sense to me. He visited the team before he was released from the Raiders, he has connections to the head coach since the Oakland days, and New Orleans is just delusional enough to consider himself a quarterback far from true wrestling.

However, if Carr, whose decision not to trade with the Saints may say something about how he feels about the team, may not affect his views on the team, signs a contract somewhere else, I’m not sure where the Saints will go. further.

They don’t pick until the last few first round picks, and it would be crazy to lose more draft capital in a frenzy up the draft board. After Carr, there are no clear starting defenders in the open market, and the Packers are reluctant to trade. Aaron Rogers within the NFC. It might make the Saints think of another version Andy Dalton/James Winston the scum platoon they had just dealt with last year, or worse, brought him back with the same players.

Atlanta Falcons: “Which bucket of protector do we buy in?”

The Falcons made it clear what they like Desmond Ridder but there will be an addition to the quarterback’s room. The passer level they add will tell us for sure How they are very fond of the newcomer of 2022.

Any team that makes the top 10 should look into these quarterbacks. It looks like four will make it into the top 10 picks. These squads aren’t going to go that high in 2024, so if you love the guy, take them unless you have a verifiable solution. Ridder showed some signs last year but cannot be considered “verifiable” just yet. If they just want someone to compete with the Ridder in Season 2, there are more than enough passable starters on the open market for high-end backups to fill the room.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: “Now what?”

Tom Brady retirement marked the end of an era for the Bucs. An extremely successful era, however, has come to an end.

No team has a bigger salary cap problem than the Bucks, who are currently $56.5 million over the allotted mark. Now is the perfect time to look into the future, get rid of bloated contracts, and start building for the next iteration of this team.

Of course, the Buchs may not agree.

Maybe all this Kyle Trask talk nothing, and they have some skilled quarterback plan and fun money, payroll-saving moves up their sleeve. If they are intending to rebuild, many recognizable faces from this team could be on the move in the coming weeks. Exodus has already begun Leonard Furnett And Cameron Bright sent the package.

Green Bay Packers: “This Jordan Love time?”

The longer Aaron Rogers postpones his decision on whether or not to play in 2023, the stronger the Packers’ desire to take the case to Love becomes.

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Green Bay seems to be signaling that they believe Love has made the leap into a third year. They mostly talked about how he was in the building and in training, but he performed well in very limited play against the Eagles last season. The Packers are young, and with the deadline to decide on Love’s future and the team fast approaching, this offseason is a natural turning point.

If the Packers are just ready to move on and Rodgers still wants to play, they should be able to work out the trade in no time. Then we can move on to the rest of the quarterback carousel. It looks like most teams want Rogers’ dominoes to fall first.

Washington commanders: “We take all of this seriously. Sam Howell thing?”

There is a part of the football world in which took some of Ron Rivera quotes mean that Howell will be the team’s starting quarterback this season. Not so fast.

Let me explain how it works. Howell was selected in the fifth round last year. It took this team until the last week of the season to even consider playing him, despite an average or poor record from position throughout the year. Nothing in this says: “The absolute starter or even the favorite at the beginning of the second year.”

Washington is in a perpetually strange position as their ownership is constantly changing. That might be enough to keep big-name quarterbacks from wanting to go there despite an enticing team of skills. I expect them to put someone in Jimmy Garoppolo level at best to compete with Howell in camp. This means that Howell power be starting in the first week, but that may not be Washington’s only plan behind the center.

Seattle Seahawks: Are we just adding to this crime?

Seahawks management made it clear what to expect Geno Smith be saved anyway, but they will consider a quarterback at the top of the draft no matter. Before you immediately default to “smoke screen”, be aware that Seattle is unlikely to ever select that maximum again. They shouldn’t even be there this year. Pete Carroll & Co. picking only fifth place overall thanks to a Broncos trade pick you may remember from last year.

This team is close and will always be Carroll’s rival. Thus, they may indeed decide to trade or transfer the best passer despite the rare opportunity. In this situation, they will mostly be making small changes to a well-planned offense. They could take a deluxe third receiver to look after. DK Metcalfe And Tyler Lockett. Perhaps a few more offensive linemen are on the way. The Seahawks attack distribution will likely be the same for fantasy next year, but a few more players with juice in big, real game moments will help.

Detroit Lions: “Are we taking advantage of a rare opportunity?”

Like the Seahawks, the Lions have a rare opportunity to make the top 10. These are not your old Lions. They are building something and are not going to rise so high in the near future. Their 2022 pick should be deeper in the draft, but they’re picking high thanks to a poor season with the Los Angeles Rams.

General manager Brad Holmes is a big fan Jared Goff and spoke highly of him, but wants to add to the room. Few teams are better prepared to add a player with high development potential to the team. Goff is a more than passable starter who can keep the receiving and running backs growing on the roster.

A rookie can wait in the wings and be ready when the guys like it Amon-Ra Saint Brown And Jameson Williams reach their peak. Of course, you can’t blame them for ditching the quarterback and beefing up a defense that desperately needs talent to get the final push in the playoffs.

New York Giants: “How do we manage Daniel Jones?

Public Daniel…


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