2023 SuperMotocross Power Rankings after Daytona: Chase Sexton unseats Eli Tomac Saturday’s Supercross Round 9 in Indy: How to watch, start times, schedules, streaming

As racing begins to age out of the post-Daytona 45-day NBC SuperMotocross Power rankings formula, Chase Sexton ousts Eli Tomac for first place with a near-perfect record of three finishes in that period.

Eli Tomac won his run and a record seventh Daytona SX last week. – Feld Motor Sports

The main reason for Sexton’s rise is that his disappointing round in San Diego no longer drags him down from 20th in his heat and fifth in Maine. The following week, Sexton placed fifth in one of the Triple Crown films; since then, every second race or performance has been a podium finish, and this level of excellence is unmatched.

Much has been written about Sexton’s penchant for crashing under pressure, but last week he had a clean race at Daytona, possibly the toughest track Supercross has ever visited.

Although he failed to make it in the final laps at Dayton, Cooper Webb also overtook Tomac in the power rankings. Webb hasn’t been as perfect as Sexton when it comes to finishing in the top five, but he has the worst record of seventh in an Anaheim Triple Crown game and sixth in the Tampa Main. These three riders continue to lead the standings and it all comes down to a three rider battle for the championship, so the slightest difference makes a huge difference.

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As for Tomac, despite winning both his heat and a record seventh Daytona Supercross Main, this week it falls by two positions. This is because his opponents lost some of their baggage and Tomac lost the advantage of his perfect shot in San Diego. Over the past 45 days, Tomac weighed down with a 13th-place finish in one of the Anaheim games and a sixth-place overall that weekend. He also struggled with one of Arlington’s features.

In his last 16 races spanning the last 45 days, Jason Anderson finished just twice outside the top five. Apparently, the trial period did not rob him of speed, but it may have played a small role in reducing his aggression in traffic. As Supercross enters the second half of its season, a three-lead points gap will change the dynamic significantly and could increase the sense of urgency for Anderson and the rest of the field.

In the same span of races, Ken Roczen finished outside the top five three times, but the race that most affected his supermotocross power rating after Daytona was 11th in the Oakland Main. It will take some time for him to come out of the formula, but at the moment he has a significant lead over sixth-placed Aaron Plesinger.

450 ratings

A week
Driver Power
A week
1. Chase Sexton
[1 Main Win; 4 Heat Wins]
88.63 4 3
2. Cooper Webb
[2 Main; 1 Heat Wins]
84.56 3 1
3. So Tomac
[5 Main; 6 Heat Wins]
84.00 1 -2
4. Jason Anderson
[4 Main Wins]
83.44 2 -2
5. Ken RoczenMore
[1 Heat Win]
78.44 5 0
6. Aaron Plessinger 75.88 6 0
7. Justin Barcia 72.31 7 0
8. Dylan Ferrandis 65.00 8 0
9. Justin Cooper 64.58 9 0
10. Christian Craig 63.25 eleven 1
eleven. Adam Cianciarulo 63.10 10 -1
12. Dean Wilson 51.38 14 2
13. Colt Nichols 50.57 13 0
14. Joey Savatgy 47.64 12 -2
15. Justin Hill 47.31 15 0
16. Josh Hill 42.00 16 0
17. Shane McElrath 40.63 17 0
18. Benny Bloss 38.50 18 0
19. lane show 33.33 WHAT
20. Max Miller 30.33 WHAT

Supercross 450 points

Hunter Lawrence had a great week in Dayton, taking a heat win and his first Daytona Supercross Main win, joining his brother Jett Lawrence as the only combination of brothers to win the prestigious race. He showed how badly he wanted to win by knocking Nate Thrasher to the ground early in the game and then pulling away from second place by nearly 10 seconds. With this pair of victories, Hunter was also able to take first place from Jett in the overall supermotocross strength rankings after the Daytona round, and he is well ahead of the next 250 East riders.

SuperMotocross Power Daytona Rating
Hayden Deegan felt 10 feet high after taking his first career SX podium. – Feld Motor Sports

Jordon Smith stayed out of trouble and stayed away from Lawrence both in his heat and on the main. Smith’s second place in the six lap preliminary race was followed by a fourth place in the big show. The points in the 250 class are not as low for a lead as they are in the 450 class, and Smith may have to settle for being the best non-Down Under rider.

Thrasher overcame an incident early in the race with Lawrence and moved up to 10th halfway to the main, but landed on a tuff block and crashed a second time. Frustrated, he mounted again and rode ahead again to 10th place. The damage has been done, but this isn’t his only disappointing round in 2023. His power rating was also negatively impacted by a 15th-place finish in the Houston Main.

Supercross 250 points

Max Anstey recovered from a slightly disappointing round at Arlington and returned to the podium. He didn’t look like he would dominate when he slipped out of the top five in the heat, but his comfort level went up in the main event. Most importantly, he avoided contact in the opening laps and kept Lawrence honest before eventually finishing 9.1 seconds behind the leader.

On the other hand, Anstey was 14 seconds ahead of third place Hayden Deegan, who had his first podium finish in just his fourth 250m start. The media center hummed after a race with his parents generating enough power to power the city of Daytona Beach.

250 ratings

A week
Driver Power
A week
1. Hunter Lawrence – E
[3 Main; 4 Heat Wins]
89.00 2 1
2. Jett Lawrence – W
[3 Main; 3 Heat Wins]
87.83 1 -1
3. Levi Kitchen – W
[1 Main Win]
85.50 8 5
4. Jordon Smith – E
[2 Heat Wins]
81.20 5 1
5. Nate Thrasher – E
[1 Main; 2 Heat Wins]
81.00 3 -2
6. Max Ansty – E 80.60 4 -2
7. Hayden Deegan – E
[1 Heat Win]
76.40 eleven 4
8. Jeremy Martin – E
[1 Heat Win]
75.80 9 1
9. Cameron McAdoo – W
[1 Heat Win]
75.67 6 -3
10. Max Woland – F 74.17 16 6
eleven. Mitchell Oldenburg – F 74.00 10 -1
12. Tom Vialle – E 70.60 7 -5
13. Piers Brown – W 69.83 12 -1
14. Stiles Robertson – W
[1 Heat Win]
68.40 14 0
15. Chance Hymas – E 67.10 17 2
16. Michael Mosiman – E 65.80 13 -3
17. R.J. Hampshire – W
[4 Heat Wins]
62.50 15 -2
18. Chris Blowes 62.20 19 1
19. Derek Kelly – W 57.00 20 1
20. Enzo Lopez – F 54.17 18 -2

*NBC Power Rankings awards 100 points to the Main Event winner and 90 points for each heat and Triple Crown wins (Triple Crown wins are included in heat wins under the driver’s name). Points are reduced by a percentage equal to the number of riders on the field until the last placed rider in each event has received five points. Power Ranking is the average of these percentage points over the last 45 days.

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Eli Tomac remains a serious contender to defend his 450th title as the Monster Energy AMA Supercross Series enters Round 9 and the mid-season of 2023 at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, Indiana.

With his seventh win at Daytona International Speedway, Tomac maintained a five-point lead over two-time series champion Cooper Webb.

History favors the post-Daytona series leader – the driver who was the first in the standings to leave the World Racing Center won the championship in more than 75% of cases. The driver, who has won more than five times, has won the championship in 42 of 49 Supercross seasons, and Tomac has five wins with nine rounds remaining (Webb has won twice and Chase Sexton has one win).

Tomac is also the reigning winner at Indianapolis, where he led the final eight laps last year. Ken Roczen has won three Indy races in 2021.

Here are the important details for watching Round 9 of the 2023 Supercross season in Indianapolis:

(All times are Eastern Time)

BROADCAST / BROADCAST SCHEDULE: The broadcast of the 9th round will begin on Saturday at…


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