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2023 SuperMotocross Power Rankings after San Diego: Roczen moves up, Sexton falls Austin Cindric seeking to join legendary club of Rolex 24-Daytona 500 winners

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With a Heat and Main win, Eli Tomac had another great week in San Diego to stay at the top of the 2023 Supermotocross power rankings after San Diego while three of the top five 450 riders traded places.

Tomac won his heat convincingly, two and a half seconds ahead of second place Jason Anderson. But while the final results show Tomac 1.1 seconds behind Cooper Webb on the main, the reality is that Webb was much closer in the final laps as he handled the traffic a bit better. Hidden in the good news about his success in the first two weekends is that Tomac hasn’t had a particularly strong start in the last couple of seasons. He was sixth in A1 in 2022 and fourth the following week at Auckland. In 2021, he was 13th in the first round in Houston and fifth there in the third round.

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With Webb finishing second in both rounds of the Supercross season, Tomac has managed to create a margin of just six points between himself and the field, so he can’t afford to give up anytime soon.

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MORE: Eli Tomac and Jett Lawrence go two for two

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Webb moved up this week in part because of problems with Chase Sexton. Points are not paid out until the checkers have waved over the main, so Webb’s consecutive second places are the number that matters the most, but he was not as strong in his runs as Tomac was with third and fifth places. finish. However, given how much he struggled with KTM’s new bike design for 2022, you don’t hear any complaints from a rider.

Ken Roczen is also coming up with a new bike after switching from Honda to Suzuki in 2023. Unlike Webb, his hits were stronger than the Mains and finished second in the Anaheim and San Diego preliminaries. Meanwhile, his Maines was impressive enough, finishing in the top five twice. If he continues to improve his performance, he will quickly be talked about as one of the racers chasing the supermotocross championship.

With a sixth-place finish in last week’s Main Event, Dylan Ferrandis fell short of the top three riders, but remains fourth in Supermotocross rankings behind San Diego due to Sexton’s failure to complete his run. However, Ferrandis’s sixth place is a low point as he finished in the top five in both heats and finished fourth in A1.

Jason Anderson moved up one spot from sixth to fifth in the power rankings, largely thanks to his second-place finish in his heat last week. However, it was not without controversy and he knocked Justin Barcia down while performing a pass. After this race, he waited for Barcia in the tunnel and whipped his rival with choice words rarely found in dictionaries.

For Sexton, problems with his run pushed him to last place in that race and forced him to qualify for Last Chance (LCQ). He finished the Main with a respectable fifth place, but the damage had already been done in the Power Rankings. He dropped from second to ninth in the rankings, but fans can expect him to bounce back next week with good results in both Anaheim 2 races.

450 ratings

This week Driver
[Season wins]
Average power Last week Diff.
1. So Tomac
[2 Main wins; 2 Heat wins]
95.00 1 0
2. Cooper Webb 85.75 3 1
3. Ken RoczenMore 85.00 five 2
four. Dylan Ferrandis 81.50 four 0
five. Jason Anderson 76.00 6 1
6. Justin Barcia 73.75 eleven five
7. Adam Cianciarulo 73.50 6 -1
8. Aaron Plessinger 69.25 6 -2
nine. Chase Sexton
[1 Heat win]
67.00 2 -7
10. Colt Nichols 66.75 nine -1
eleven. Joey Savatgy 63.50 10 -1
12. Marvin Maskin 61.00 12 0
13. Malcolm Stewart
[1 Heat win]
58.75 13 0
fourteen. Christian Craig 57.75 fourteen 0
15. Dean Wilson 51.00 fourteen -1
sixteen. Justin Hill 46.67 17 1
17. Shane McElrath 42.33 sixteen -1
eighteen. Tristan Lane 41.00 24 6
nineteen. Grant Harlan 40.67 21 2
20. Logan Curnow 36.50 nineteen -1

Supercross points

There has been no change since San Diego at the top of the SuperMotocross 250 power rankings as the three riders repeated their podium results for weeks in a row.

Jett Lawrence had the worst record of the first two weeks of the Supercross season, finishing second in his two runs. What’s more, most of those races were won in a dominant fashion as he increased his lead on the field with nearly every lap. Catching him won’t be easy as Lawrence is determined to win a fourth straight 250 championship.

However, RJ Hampshire managed to maintain both SuperMotocross points and average power, finishing second in a row. He won his first two races.

Cameron McAdoo struggled last week in San Diego. He was involved in two incidents on lap 1 of that race and fell back to 17th. However, he methodically made his way through the field and finished fifth in the preliminary race. He liked Maine a lot more: McAdoo rode second for most of that race before being overtaken by Hampshire with after hours and checkers in sight.

Last week, Enzo Lopez shared fourth place with Max Woland in the strength rankings. Once again placing second in his heat and fourth in Maine, he earned a few more points in San Diego than he did in Anaheim 1.

Meanwhile, Woland never recovered from the incident in his heat, where he finished 13th. LCQ was not kinder. He fell again in that race and finished eighth with no transfer positions.

Wohland’s difficulties helped Mitchell Oldenburg to a fifth-place Supermotocross power rating. Last week, he advanced to the Maine with a top-five finish in two runs, and to the Anaheim Maine before finishing seventh in San Diego.

250 ratings

This week Driver
[Season wins]
Average power Last week Dif
1. Jett Lawrence – W
[2 Main wins; 1 Heat win]
94.00 1 0
2. R.J. Hampshire – W
[2 Heat wins]
92.50 2 0
3. Cameron McAdoo – W
[1 Heat win]
86.00 3 0
four. Enzo Lopez – F 83.75 four 0
five. Mitchell Oldenburg – F 77.00 6 1
6. Stiles Robertson – W 70.25 8 2
7. Phil Nicoletti – W 66.75 eleven four
8. Max Woland – F 66.33 four -four
nine. Dylan Walsh – W 62.50 8 -1
10. Derek Kelly – W 61.25 eleven 1
eleven. Cole Thompson – W 61.00 13 2
12. Levi Kitchen – W 60.00 7 -five
13. Piers Brown – W 57.67 38 25
fourteen. Anthony Rodriguez – W 53.00 sixteen 2
15. Robbie Wageman-W 50.75 sixteen 1
sixteen. Thai Masterpool – F 47.50 fourteen -2
sixteen. Cayden Amerin – W 47.50 eighteen 2
eighteen. Dominic Thury – F 47.00 fourteen -four
nineteen. Hunter Yoder – W 44.25 nineteen 0
20. Austin Forkner – F 43.00 nineteen -1

* NBC Power Rankings awards 100 points to the Main Event winner and 90 points for each Hit and Triple Crown win. Points are reduced by a percentage equal to the number of riders on the field until the last placed rider in each event has received five points. Power Ranking is the average of these percentage points over the last 45 days.

POWER RATING AFTER WEEK 1 IN ANAHEIM: Eli Tomac and Jett Lawrence get an early lead

DAYTONA BEACH, Florida. Based only on his own experience, Austin Sindrik decided he would win a Rolex 24 at the Daytona long before the diamond-encrusted Daytona 500 ring would work.

He was wrong.

Sindrik won the Daytona 500 last year to open his NASCAR Cup Series rookie season with the biggest win of his career. It was a bit surreal, as he spent most of his time at Daytona International Speedway either on Roger Penske’s sports car team or driving the Rolex 24 and its support races.

Sindrik starts this year with his fifth Rolex 24 performance this weekend with a full lineup of LMP2 class winners. He hopes the Saturday-Sunday race will bring him his first Rolex watch.

“I came to Daytona a lot longer for this race (Rolex 24) than for the (Daytona) 500 or NASCAR Speedweeks,” Sindrik said. “No matter how long it takes, I want to win this race. That’s why I work so hard, that’s why I don’t care about sacrificing the last two weeks of my offseason, because that’s what I’m really passionate about, not just participating in the event – I want to go. win it.”

Rick Ware Racing, number 51 in the LMP2 class, is made up of IndyCar driver Devlin DeFrancesco and sports car driver Eric Lux, who shared class wins a year ago alongside IndyCar stars Colton Herta and Pato O’Ward.

The fourth driver is Pietro Fittipaldi, grandson of Emerson Fittipaldi, who was confirmed as a reserve driver for Haas F1 on Tuesday for the fifth straight season.

Austin Sindrik will…


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