2023 World Baseball Classic: Ranking the five best team hats, led by Team Netherlands

Just around the corner will be the 2023 World Baseball Classic. The event always generates great interest in baseball, and this time it is especially relevant. This is because thanks to the pandemic, the 2023 WBC was the first since 2017. Adding to the excitement is the fact that the number of teams participating in the tournament has been expanded to 20.

In this space, we prepared you for action by checking names intriguing players and doing bold predictions and so on. Now, however, comes the necessary question of fashion judgments. In particular, we have come to you to tell you with terrible authority which five competing nations have the best hats of all in the 2023 WBC. On these matters, our opinions are facts, and therefore any objection is a lie.

Before we get started, here are the 20 2023 World Baseball Classic Caps, and by extension the 20 Laurel Wreath Contenders, that are about to be awarded:

Now get ready to rank the hats.

1. Netherlands

As a rule, this author is partial to images on hats, not to inscriptions. The 2023 WBC Dutch cap lives up to that stance in many ways. The Netherlands is a kingdom that includes not only the titular nation in Western Europe, but also a number of island nations in the Caribbean, says the author with authority derived from the fact that he just spent over 90 seconds on Wikipedia. Anyway, the crown on the hat is just about what a kingdom is. It says here that this crown is the best logo on the WBC 2023 hat. Also, praise for making the crown orange, which it says is one of the top 3 colors and is inexplicably missing from the eye-catching Kingdom jerseys:

2. China

China fights its way to the top thanks to the spectacular red and gold colors, as well as the “C” on the hat, which also doubles as a dragon – a dragon with more hit points than your entire group combined. This dragon C is the best use of creative lettering since the Brewers wore this “MB” glove ball on their hats.

3. Mexico

Major League Baseball is too heavy for red and blue color schemes, so anything that stands out like Mexico’s cap should be celebrated and extolled. Mexico does a better job of incorporating its flag into the design of the hat, and kudos to that typeface M. The wide arches are reminiscent of a pair of doors that the adventurer must choose from. Behind one lies This, Our Baseball. After another loves the Dragon of Many Hit Points. Choose wisely, level four paladin.

4 Israel

The quality of the logo obviously affects these rankings, with Israel in a strong third place with a Star of David on the front and center of their hats. Given the general resemblance to the flag of Israel, this may also be the most recognizable hat among the 20 teams.

5. Cuba

While this foul-smelling scribe recently tarnished the very color combination you see, there is no hard and fast rule. The flag patch goes very well with the rest of Cuba’s hat, and the beautiful font of the C suggests a certain sophistication – as if the C used a hand-printed silk tie to wash its hands of the whole affair.


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