Damarius Owens expands his game during the junior season, and with him, his set expands.

There were several schools behind the 6-foot-8, 190-pound small forward from Hudson’s Ohio Western Reserve Academy, including Marquette, Xavier, Syracuse and Virginia Tech, but a new school is stepping in, he said.

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“Things are going very well,” said the three-star prospect. “I’m starting to get views from Alabama, so I’m excited about that.”

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After playing with 14 points and seven rebounds at the Flyin to the Hoop over the weekend, Owens spoke to 247Sports discussing each of his hiring contenders.

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Alabama: “They said they were looking forward to meeting me and would continue to play throughout the season. I like them. I communicate with the entire coaching staff.”

Marquette: “They are going pretty well. I’ll be back soon on the 18th. I love Shaka. It’s quite interesting, so I’m looking forward to seeing them.”

Syracuse: “I like Syracuse. I grew up watching them so it was a good experience. This is crazy, Red. [Autry] for me as another father figure.”

Virginia Tech: “I’ve been watching them since I was little.”

Xavier: “The whole coaching staff called Zoom and spoke to me.”

Looking ahead and looking at this list of schools, he thinks of two schools he wants to take the officials to.

“I look forward to inviting officials to Alabama and Virginia Tech,” he said.

While some of his peers are recruiting early, Owens is taking his time.

“I’ll wait until the AAU season is over,” he said of the timing of his decision.