A timeline of how Jordan Binnington became the NHL’s biggest villain

They say every sport needs a villain, and St. Louis Blues goaltender Jordan Binnington seems all too happy to play that role — constantly in the news for trying to turn opponents against himself or pretending to want to fight. with the whole world, it would seem, every time he has a hard night.

During a loss to the Minnesota Wild on Wednesday, Binnington threw another tantrum when he landed a cheap shot on Wild forward Ryan Hartman after scoring the go-ahead. Wild goaltender Marc-André Fleury attempted to defend Hartman, but the linesman intervened before a real brawl broke out.

Binnington rose to fame after leading the Blues to their first-ever Stanley Cup in 2019. In the following four years, his playing and popularity declined significantly.

Here’s a timeline of how Binnington became the NHL’s biggest pest:

April 10, 2019: A former San Jose Sharks reporter named Paul Gackle exposes racism, deleted tweets by Binnington when he was a teenager in the Ontario Hockey League and another was posted when he was 21 in the American Hockey League.

The first one, dated January 25, 2013, reads: “I thought when people wear burkas at the airport, how can the security service see if they are in their passport … Hearts.”

Binnington doubled down, tweeting, “Also, if you’re underage and scared of going into a bar, put on a damn cloak. in no way will the bouncer interfere with this embarrassing matter.

Binnington showed no remorse and sent another racist tweet on October 22, 2014.

“Me, a taxi driver, I would rather listen to the radio than listen to you talking on the phone in another language,” Binnington wrote.

After these tweets surfaced and sparked widespread outrage among hockey fans, Binnington showed little remorse.

“It was a long time ago when I was a teenager,” Binnington said via Jeremy Rutherford of The Athletic. “It was a little sarcasm and jokes. That’s what life is about, you live and learn and you grow as a person. I’m here to play a couple of hockey games.”

Binnington continued to lead the Blues to Stanley Cup victory, and most of the media and personalities touted his rise from surprise prospect to cup goaltender as a dizzying one—without much mention of other things.

October 17, 2019: Vancouver Canucks forward Elias Pettersson knocks out Binnington and then continues to hit the puck during a wild scramble at the net before Bo Horvath buries it. Binnington then leaned on Pettersson as he lay on the ice.

This might seem somewhat random, but Binnington has shown that jealousy has something to do with it. Pettersson had won the Calder Trophy over Binnington the previous season, and the Blues goaltender had unhealthily vented his outrage.

“I have a bit of a bad taste in my mouth about last year’s results,” Binnington said via Jim Thomas from St. Louis Post Dispatch. “But he’s a talented player, so it’s good to play against some of the best.”

February 28, 2021: Evander Kane of the San Jose Sharks beat Binnington on a deflected shot, and after some hesitation, the Blues decided to pull Binnington out of the competition after he scored four goals on 19 shots. Binnington did not take the news well.

Walking to his bench, Binnington returned to the Sharks and apparently took offense at the words of one of the players. Binnington then proceeded to fake Erik Karlsson, then drove across the ice, pushing Sharks goaltender Dewan Dubnik before leaving the game.

“He weighs 160 pounds and swings at guys,” Dubnik said. after the game.

“I don’t know why he pretends to hit everyone, but I understand that guys get upset sometimes. He is competitive, a good goalkeeper, and something clearly pissed him off. This is fine. We can take care of ourselves.”

Blues head coach Craig Berube defended Binnington’s passion, but reversed his position in later years after repeated infractions by his starting goaltender.

October 28, 2021: In the first of two incidents involving Colorado Avalanche forward Nazem Kadri during the 2021–22 season, Binnington chose to swing his stick at him after the whistle.

Keil Makar appeared to score, but the net was knocked down before the whistle was blown. A scandal broke out between both teams, in the center of which was Binnington. Binnington then breaks free and swings his stick at Kadri’s head, narrowly missing him.

Both players were penalized for 10-minute offenses, and Binnington doubled down and scored the puck against Avalanche goaltender Darcy Kemper.

“I have no idea. I don’t know why I got a 10-minute penalty there. I stayed out of the fight. We exchanged a few words. penalty. I’m not quite sure what it was for.” Kadri said after the game.

“I started rolling towards him, but I was about 50 feet away from the guy. Now I’m getting misconduct for just talking. I do not quite understand what is at stake. What are you going to do?”

May 21, 2022: Later that season, during the second round playoff series, Kadri crashed into Binnington after being knocked down by Blues defender Kalle Rosen, breaking the net. Binnington was injured in the collision and missed the remainder of the series as the Avalanche went out in six games before winning the Stanley Cup.

Qadri was interviewed by TNT after the game and during the live broadcast, Binnington threw a water bottle at him.

“I don’t know if he threw a water bottle at me or not,” Kadri said with a dumbfounded smile.

For ten days, this was just speculation as Kadri didn’t bother to substantiate the accusations of chasing the Stanley Cup. Binnington confessed during his final interview ten days later on 31 May.

“I couldn’t find the trash can as I walked down the hallway,” Binnington said via sportnet. “Right before I enter the dressing room, I see him giving an interview there, smiling, laughing – and I am there in a knee brace, limping down the corridor. I just felt like it was a God-given opportunity.

“I could just keep quiet and enter the room or say something so that he looks into my eyes and understands what is happening – there is something to think about. I threw a water bottle, an empty water bottle, it landed two feet away from him. It is what it is. This is hockey. It’s a competitive game.”

Binnington clarified that he did not believe that Qadri wanted to hurt him.

“It’s a physical sport. It’s playoff time and he’s going to hit hard on goal and that’s the way it’s going to be. I don’t think he intentionally tried to do what he did to me to get me hurt.”

Kadri finished the playoff series with eight goals, 15 points, won the Cup, and then signed a seven-year, $49 million contract with the Calgary Flames during the offseason.

October 31, 2022: After conceding five goals against the Los Angeles Kings, Binnington was out of the game. Most goaltenders hung their heads and reflected on their poor performance, but Binnington went the opposite way, choosing to tweet on the Kings bench.

November 3, 2022: The intermission was supposed to be peacetime, but Binnington didn’t get the note. When the New York Islanders took a 4-1 lead in the third period, Binnington flared up and he went out of his way to aggressively hit Islanders star goaltender Ilya Sorokin.

Nothing more came of this incident, but he continued Binnington’s needlessly aggressive behavior.

December 1, 2022: Binnington’s lack of self-awareness is the main reason he often gets into trouble. In this case, Binnington was quickly punished for bad decisions. Binnington tried to represent Carolina Hurricanes captain Jordan Staal, a big man who makes a living stealing pucks from the NHL’s best players.

Everything went as expected, because Staal ran over him like a truck.

December 3, 2022: Many of Binnington’s antics are childish, frustrating, and petty, but he turned into an openly dirty game, delivering a clothesline that could have ended the career of Pittsburgh Penguins forward Jason Zucker.

Zucker skated behind the net during a regular game, but Binnington poked Zucker in the face with his glove, causing him to crash violently into the boards. He was taken to the dressing room during the first period for further examination, but he returned to the game and probably had the last laugh.

Binnington continued to catch fire from the Penguins, and as karma dictated, Zucker scored the Penguins’ fourth goal while chasing the attacker off the net. Most goaltenders will take an L and move on, but Binnington exchanged a few words with the Penguins’ bench.

The Blues may have been happy with Binnington’s ugly streaks when he was the winning goaltender, but after that, head coach Craig Beruba got fed up with it.

“This has to stop. It doesn’t help anything,” Berube said. “Just play in the net, stop the puck.”

March 14, 2023: Minnesota Wild forward Ryan Hartman hit the go-ahead and, while skating to celebrate with his teammates, accidentally touched Binnington’s leg. Binnington, notorious for his lack of composure, hit Hartman with a blocker in the face. As a result, Binnington received a penalty for the match.

Binnington then began to raise the roof, trying to fire up the crowd like a real heel. It didn’t go well and the Wild won 8–5.

“Nothing new from him,” Hartman said via Joe Smith of The Athletic. “He’s been doing this kind of stuff for a long time.”

Binnington offered his own cryptic explanation for the reason he provoked Hartman.

“It was a tough game,” Binnington said. “It’s hard to play against them. They are heavy around…

Source: sports.yahoo.com

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