Aaron Rodgers: It won’t be long before I make my decision, there’s a time limit for all this

Aaron Rogers has not yet decided what he will do for the 2023 season, but says he will make a decision soon.

Rogers did short interview with former NFL wide receiver Brandon Marshall on Saturday, and when Marshall asked Rodgers how long we would have to wait to find out his plans, Rodgers said he understood the importance of making a decision as soon as possible.

Well, I guess it won’t be long. There is a time limit for all of this,” Rogers said.

At the moment, the most likely outcome is a trade to the Jets. Marshall asked Rogers about his recent meeting with Jets owner Woody Johnson, but Rogers didn’t say much.

“It’s always interesting to meet important figures in the sport. This is all I give you. Stay with us,” Rogers said.

The football world will continue to watch the news, and the Packers and Jets will continue to wait for Rodgers to decide where and if he will play this year.


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