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Aaron Rodgers says Packers are making too many mental mistakes, suggests cutting reps for struggling players

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We’re now seven weeks into the regular season, and the Packers offense still looks as scattered as ever.

Aaron Rodgers’ club lost three games in a row, including a 23-21 defeat at the hands of the Commanders in Week 7, taking them up to 3-4 for the year. There’s a crime in this losing failed on third attempt and generated a total of 232 yards of total offense.

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It was a familiar theme for this unit throughout the early part of the 2022 campaign. Green Bay is ranked 25th in the NFL at third (35.4%), has one of the highest numbers in the league, and is an average player when it comes to average yards per game. It’s also the first time Rodgers has lost three games in a row, and Green Bay’s average of 18.3 points per game is the lowest in seven starts of his career.

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“We had so many just mental lapses and mistakes,” Rogers said Tuesday on The Pat McAfee Show. “It’s not the kind of football we’ve been used to playing for years.”

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Aaron Rogers


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Rogers went on to say that previous versions of the Packers usually made a few mental errors over the course of a given game, but this group consistently accumulated double-digit errors in the game that left them trailing the eight. Because of this, Rodgers admitted that he is open to head coach Matt Lafleur shaking up the depth table and capping reps for those who can’t get up to speed.

“It’s definitely not just a game here or there,” Rogers said. “It’s 20% of the time. If we have 50 games and we have 10 missed tasks or mental errors, that’s 20% of the time. It’s too much. So that gives us a really good chance to succeed. Twenty percent is too much. This is one game in the series where you really make life difficult for yourself. So we have to fix it.

“I think guys who make too many mistakes should not play. You need to start reducing the number of repetitions. And maybe for the guys who don’t play, give them a chance.”

Rogers didn’t specifically address players with his comments, but those inside the building probably know exactly who he’s putting in the hot seat.


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