Adam Hadwin nearly aces 16 at WMPO on last swing of day, Jon Rahm provides encore

It literally took all day, but the 17,000 raucous fans who gathered on Saturday at the TPC Scottsdale Coliseum got what they came for.

Well, sort of.

After the penultimate group of Xander Schauffele, Wyndham Clarke and Jordan Spit hit two ghost balls and a par on the most dangerous hole in golf, the last pair of the 3rd round, consisting of John Ram, Scotty Scheffler and Adam Hadwin, entered the Colosseum as the crowd’s last chance to see the hole. one.

After Scheffler and Rahm failed to take advantage of their opportunities, Hadwin was booed by the fans to take the final blow of a 16th par-3 of the day – and he narrowly missed out on the most epic of the finals.

The Canadian’s tee shot hit left as he hit the green and landed a few feet from the hole.

It was close enough for a beer shower to break out, although many of the drinks the fans threw were water bottles (probably what they needed after drinking in the Arizona sun for 12 hours).

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After cleaning up the 16th aisle, which Hadwin helped with, Ram performed an encore.

The former Sun Devil of Arizona hit the longest hit of the day on the 16th hole (41 ft) for a birdie that led him to one of Scheffler’s breaks (two behind Rahm of Scheffler’s 13 laybacks before advancing to the final round).

“After Adam got close to the target, I’m there again,” Ram said after his round. “I’m hoping to do it, but I’m quite happy with the easy and effortless double punch.

“We felt that there was chaos. I just thought it best not to spend too much time on it. bottle and I just walked over and hit it. The gap will not change. I had a break quite clearly. Felt like the pace was something I felt comfortable in. It was one of those things that luckily happened and I got to enjoy the moment.”

Maybe it wasn’t everyone’s ace rushed to the Colosseum at 7am to see, but it was a worthy consolation prize – especially after a whole day of waiting.


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