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Alabama DL Justin Eboigbe likely out for season after neck surgery Ferentz apologizes for criticizing reporter asking about son No. 1 Georgia won’t have safety Dan Jackson against Florida

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TASCALOOSE, Alabama – Linebacker from Alabama. Justin Eboigbe most likely out for the season due to a neck injury.

Crimson Tide Trainer Nick Saban said that Eboigbe had surgery. He played in the first four games but has not been in action since.

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“He got a procedure that would increase his ability to play in the future, but I don’t think that will happen this season,” Saban said.

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Eboigbe made 11 tackles and rushed quarterback twice in the first four games. Saban announced his injury after Alabama beat Arkansas on October 1 without giving Eboigbe a comeback schedule.

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He has played in 42 games over the past three-plus seasons, recording 59 tackles.

Alabama No. 6 is out this week before heading off to face LSU No. 18 on Nov. 5.

The Tide played against Mississippi State without two other injured linebackers. dj dale as well as Jaheim Oatis.

IOWA CITY, Iowa – Iowa Coach Kirk Ferenc apologized Wednesday night for publicly criticizing a reporter who asked him about his decision to leave his son Brian Ferenc as offensive coordinator since the Hawkeyes offense is performing so poorly this season.

Ferencz unexpectedly said at his weekly press conference on Tuesday that he went through an “interrogation” when columnist Doug Lesmeris asked him about his son. The trade came at a press conference following a 54-10 loss at No. 2 at Ohio State on Saturday.

“The only good thing that came to my mind when I got home… I said, man, as bad as it was today, it could be worse because I could be that guy,” Ferenc told reporters on Tuesday, without naming Lesmeris. “I could be that guy, I had his job and I had to act like him. Yes, it could be… much worse. It’s not all that bad.”

In an apology emailed to the media, Ferenc said he should not have snubbed “one of your colleagues” and that his questions were fair.

“I have great respect for your work and appreciate the way you cover our team,” Ferenc said in a statement. “You ask tough and pointed questions, but you do it with a high degree of professionalism. I tell our players to go big and I didn’t do the same yesterday.”

Iowa (3–4, 1–3 Big Ten) had only 158 yards and six passes against the Bakees. The Hawkeyes’ average of 227.3 yards per game ranks last in the Football Bowl division, and the offense has hit just seven touchdowns in seven games.

Brian Ferenc has been offensive coordinator since 2017 and has long been criticized for nepotism.

Lesmeris asked Ferenc three questions at the end of a press conference in Ohio State, and prefaced one by pointing out that the Hawkeyes had one of the least prolific offenses in the country.

“Yes, I noticed that,” the elder Ferenc intervened.

“Everyone noticed it,” said Lesmerises. “Do you feel like you’re putting the Iowa football program at a disadvantage by having this kind of production on one side of the ball and one of your family members running it?”

Answering questions, Ferenc said he prefers to play the season before deciding on an assistant; the fact that his son is the coordinator of the offensive does not bother him, and his assistants have succeeded and are good people; and the way Brian will be judged after the season will be the same as with other assistants.

Lesmeris, who wrote a column critical of Ferenc’s Iowa dynamics, said in an Associated Press report that he had no problem with how Ferenc answered his questions or what he said on Tuesday.

“I criticized him, and he certainly has the right to react as he sees fit,” Lesmeris said. “The question remains how Kirk Ferenc and Iowa handled the hiring of Brian Ferenc.”

ATHENS, Georgia – Security in Georgia Dan Jackson he will have foot surgery that could end his season.

Trainer Kirby Smart said Jackson, tied for sixth on the team in tackles, would not be available for No. 1 Georgia in Saturday’s game against Florida in Jacksonville.

The junior Jackson has 16 tackles with one interception and a forced fumble.

Smart said he didn’t know when Jackson would have the surgery.

Jackson opened the season playing with Christopher Smith as the starting quarterback in the Bulldogs’ base defense. Freshman Big Starks he has since taken on the starting base defense role, with Jackson playing the third quarterback in passing situations.

Smart said that Georgia would have to find a replacement for Jackson in a “penny”.

“With our depth in defensemen, David Daniel-Sisavan is the guy who will step up and start playing,” Smith said, adding defensemen Javon Bullard. Taiki Smith as well as JaCory Thomas also practice safety regularly.

“So it’s going to be done by a committee with all these guys,” Smart said after practice on Tuesday.

Jackson began his career as a side player and got roles on special teams before landing on the side teams.


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