Last weekend, the Wootten 150 Camp brought together some of the nation’s top talent on the outskirts of Dallas. Run by McDonald’s All-American Game chairman Joe Wootten, the camp provided prospects with an opportunity to play in front of a large concentration of election commissioners.

The full staff of 247Sports: myself, Eric Bossy and Brandon Jenkins covered the event from start to finish.

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Alabama bail Sam Walters was one of the most impressive players on the field, receiving praise from Bossy and me throughout the weekend.

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Walters was one of the first players to make an impression when the camp kicked off on Saturday, and as a result received acclaim in our first review:

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An experienced big lefty, the Alabama bail is best known for his ability to stretch the floor with a high release that allows him to come off without much separation and because of this, have maximum gravity as a floor spreader. While it continued in this setting, the way he ran the venue also stood out. Walters has a good touch under the rim, but his ability to get ahead of the ball in transition and beat big opponents from rim to rim made it easy for him to score points.

When all was said and done in camp, Bossy named him as the dedicated player on the field that impressed him the most:

Every time I see Alabama bound Sam Waltersit really grows on me. He definitely needs to get stronger and his impact on the college level may not be felt right away, but he keeps getting better and has some real tools. At 6ft 9in, Walters is looking more and more like a dangerous option for stretching the floor as a jump shot, but what stands out more is that he can be fluid. He glides across the floor, completes crosses and really got my attention with how fast he can come off the floor several times around the ring while competing for rebounds. I’m looking forward to seeing how he develops over the course of the season.

For most of the seniors present, the purpose of attending this camp was to try and impress the members of the McDonald’s committee. Walters may not be a McDonald’s All-American, but he certainly made an impression. He entered the tournament as a three-star prospect, ranked 127th in the Top247, but from what we’ve seen this weekend, his status could rise in the next ranking update.