Alabama’s Brandon Miller named SEC Player of the Year amid college basketball’s most scrutinized season

Brandon Miller’s career in Alabama will be remembered for more than just basketball-related reasons, but his on-court honors now include the SEC Player of the Year award.

A prospective NBA lottery pick also brought home SEC Freshman of the Year honors for a season in which he averaged 19.6 points, 8.0 rebounds and 1.8 assists per game while shooting 40.4% from three-point range. He is the first player to win both Player of the Year and Freshman of the Year since Anthony Davis did it with Kentucky in 2012.

This would be a dream season for Rivals player #17 in class of 2022if not for the fateful night in January.

Miller has been the most scrutinized player in college basketball since it was reported last month that he delivered a gun to former Alabama teammate Darius Miles that was allegedly used by another man, Michael Davis, to kill Jamie Harris’ 23-year-old mother at the end. last year. -night shooting on January 15th.

Miller’s lawyer said his client didn’t know the gun was in his car until he was driving after Miles at a Tuscaloosa nightclub. The Alabama prosecutor’s office declined to charge him with the crime because there is reportedly no evidence that he could have known the gun would be used in the crime, while Miles and Davis are facing capital murder charges.

February 25, 2023;  Tuscaloosa, Alabama, USA;  Alabama Crimson Tide forward Brandon Miller (24) watches the second half of a game against the Arkansas Razorbacks at the Coleman Coliseum.  Mandatory Credit: Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports
Brandon Miller’s career will never be the same. Some want him to see far worse consequences. (Marvin Gentry – USA TODAY Sports)

The alleged role of Brandon Miller in the filming will be remembered

Alabama management responded to the situation by allowing Miller to continue to play on the court without penalties, and shooting has dominated the team’s coverage ever since. Harris’ parents opposed the decision, calling it “unimaginable”.

Miller has been booed heavily in every road arena he has played in since his role in shooting was revealed. He didn’t help matters on his home court either, as a pre-game backdoor, when a teammate patted him before entering the court, sparked a new wave of outrage.

All of this will continue for weeks, if not months, as Alabama is projected to be the top seed in the NCAA Tournament and Miller was recently set to be selected third overall in the 2023 NBA draft. As Sportzshala Sports scout Kristen Pick said, Miller will have to face a lot of questions once he enters the league, but the situation hasn’t stopped teams from wanting him just yet:

“Obviously this is a tough situation and teams will be watching closely. He will probably only interview three, maybe five teams and he will have to answer all their questions, but since he continues to play and is not charged, Later the teams will continue to scout and come to his games, as he one of the most promising in this draft class,” said one of the Sportzshala Sports scouts.

Alabama will recognize its seed at the NCAA Tournament this Sunday, with the NBA Draft scheduled for June 22.


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