Alabama’s Brandon Miller situation continues, Miami’s Cavender twins subject to NIL infraction & Florida State’s Michael Alford is not happy

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Dan Wetzel and SI’s Pat Ford and Ross Dellenger respond to all the latest developments surrounding Brandon Miller and the situation with the Alabama Crimson Tide men’s basketball program, following the revelation last week that Miller allegedly delivered a gun that led to the murder of a Tuscaloosa woman . in January.

At the weekend, attention to this situation only increased after Miller was seen during the introduction of the players, when another player from Alabama petted him. The action, which allegedly took place all season long, drew the ire of many college basketball fans. While head coach Nate Oates called the gesture inappropriate, the podcast is more puzzled by the apathy that Alabama has shown throughout this process.

In other news, the NCAA is charging their first NIL violation against two female basketball players from the University of Miami, Hailey and Hannah Cavinder. Ross explains how the NCAA is looking to prove their NIL regulation is legal in this pivotal ruling against the Cavinder twins.

Moving into football, Nebraska and Matt Rule are vying for star high school quarterback Dylan Raiola, who is closely associated with the Cornhusker program. The guys believe that this could be the perfect starting point for a new regime to steer the program in the right direction.

Then Florida State Athletic Director Michael Alford is unhappy with the ACC and the distribution of revenue within the conference. Alford believes that the larger programs within the conference should get a bigger share, especially after comparing revenues with the SEC and Big Ten programs, it’s easy to say that AD is one of the two largest conference programs.

To top it off, a Florida man was arrested for disrespectfully eating a lime pie. How is this possible? Today’s podcast has all the answers.

1:00 Brandon Miller’s change of hands sparks new controversy

30:53 If you’re from Alabama, do you want to win a national title?

34:20 Cavender twins and Miami head coach attacked

40:55 Dylan Raiola visits Nebraska Cornhuskers

45:45 AD Florida State Michael Alford unhappy with board of trustees

53:25 Florida man arrested for disrespectful eating of lime pie

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Alabama's Brandon Miller talks to head coach Nate Oates Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports
Alabama’s Brandon Miller talks to head coach Nate Oates Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports


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