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Alex Cora shares his take on Red Sox’ puzzling MLB trade deadline activity

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Alex Cora weighs in on Chaim Bloom’s mysterious postponements originally appeared on NBC Sports Boston

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What is the endgame for Chaim Bloom and the Boston Red Sox?

That’s what many wondered as they watched Bloom teeter on the edge between buying and selling ahead of Tuesday’s MLB trading deadline. Red Sox chief baseball officer surrendered starting catcher Christian Vazquez to Houston Astros for a couple of leads in a move that seemed to signal a ‘sell’ but then didn’tturned around and bought outfielder Tommy Pham, catcher Reese McGuire and first baseman Eric Hosmer, satisfies one of the team’s most pressing needs.

So, has Boston really improved on their run streak, and is this team better positioned to secure a spot for a wild card when they’re spraying around .500?

Tomase: Red Sox in terrible no man’s land after boring deadline

On Thursday, Red Sox manager Alex Cora was asked if he felt his team had improved, and gave a somewhat diplomatic response.

“I feel like our squad is better in the sense that we have options off the bench.” – Cora said the WEEI radio show “Merloni, Fauria & Mego”. “Like I said, in nine innings we can do a lot, mix and match with the opposition. Here’s how I see it. Obviously, we must become healthy. It is most important”.

While Hosmer and Pham are improving Boston’s depth in two key areas, neither player is actually moving forward. And while injured players like Quique Hernandez and Michael Vacha could give the Red Sox momentum upon their return, the team will still be without left-hander Chris Sale and a second baseman. Trevor’s story for most if not all stretch marks.

A clear indication of how the club might have reacted to Boston’s moves was that Bloom chose to join the Red Sox on their trip to Houston and Kansas City to address any issues his players might have.

“He was going to let the team know where we are and what kind of players we have. This is not my meeting, but his,” Cora said of Bloom’s decision to join the team on tour. “But he’s going to do what he wants. He is the boss and if he feels like he needs to talk to the team, I agree.”

The Coras’ Red Sox did some end-of-season magic last year on their way to the American League Championship Series, but they’re in for a much steeper climb this year; Boston is four games away from Thursday’s loss and is in last place in Alabama East, 53-54.

However, no significant reinforcements are arriving, so Cora has no choice but to work with what he has.

“One of the things we have to do — and we did a good job in Houston — is, ‘Hey, that’s who we are. Here’s what we have. And look at this team,” added Cora. “We have to attack the day right.”


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