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All State Preps Camper Spotlight: Simaj Hill, Aaron Roseboro, and DJ Leonard

All State Preps details some of the athletes who attended All State Preps camps this offseason. First, we will look at the athletes who were recognized as the best in the training camp. We will then introduce the current 2024 athletes, then 2025 and, if applicable, the 2026 athletes.

Today, All State Preps took a close look at the top 3 quarterbacks from January camp.

DJ Leonard | 5-10 | 165 | Corner | New York | 2024 (Most Valuable Player)

(Photo: Ed O’Brien, 247Sports)

DJ Leonard is a two-way player (running back and cornerback) who attends Williamsville North High School in New York City. He attended All State Preps camps as a quarterback, so this brief assessment will focus on him in that position. You can see him doing his thing at full back in his playing moments, running back and returning the punt. Most of the gameplay video I’ve watched shows Leonard playing coverage. He can keep the game in front of him and use his burst to close the canopy down against both runs and passes. There are some pieces, both in his highlights and in the camp movie, where I think he can be a little too arrogant, occasionally stepping back out of his pedal. One thing is for sure after seeing it in person: it is suitable for zone or human cover and has a maximum speed to work steadily with vertical routes. Leonard’s solid anticipation when on the defensive allows him to play football, whether it’s short-term tackles, pass breaks or interceptions. Back in January, he was named the top quarterback in All State Preps camp. He relied heavily on his technique, and even on some plays, when the receiver caught the ball, he was right there. It’s worth noting that he’s also very physically opposed to running and will walk up and drop an arrow on people. Leonard should be able to get more attention when he goes to college football camp in the spring/summer.

Aaron Roseborough | 5-11 | 180 | New York | Corner | 2024

Aaron Roseborough (Photo: Ed O’Brien, 247Sports)

Aaron Roseborough is credited with 42 tackles (13 solo), four interceptions and 11 pass interruptions during his 2022 football season at Bennett High School in New York. Buffalo native DJ Leonard was named defensive MVP in the same camp as Roseborough. With that said, Roseborough did an important job of being named the best defensive player. His patience on the line of scrimmage was impressive during 1v1 fights and he tried to “open the gate” to a minimum. Roseborough also trusted his technique by not resorting to capturing and holding receivers at the end or start of a route. I was also impressed by its closing speed. It’s worth noting that Roseborough also plays wide receiver for his high school team. I was able to watch some of his game moments when he played the receiver. One of the first offensive games gives you probably the best example of a blast. He makes a short pass and rushes 50 yards virtually untouched for a touchdown. Roseborough has a lot of speed on the field. His game highlights show that he plays a lot in the zones. Roseborough’s technique and speed make it hard for him to really counter the wide receivers he faces. He has good footwork for controlled break transitions. He, like Leonard, will try to grab the attention of college football camp this spring/summer.

Simai Hill | 6-0 | 155 | Corner | Pennsylvania | 2026

(Photo: Ed O’Brien, 247Sports)

Simai Hill was one of the youngest participants in the camp, but he managed to take one of the best places. He attends St. Joe Preparatory School in Philadelphia. I saw a lot of defensemen early in their high school careers and Hill will be one to watch over the next couple of years. He’s a real 6 foot tall and has long arms. Hill’s length and recovery speed has given receivers trouble during 1v1s. It will be scary to see what happens when he starts to develop physically in terms of weight and strength. He trains with Keita Crespina, one of the best back coaches in the country, so his technique must continue to improve. I think he did a good job of staying in phase with the press coverage. He went up several times on the transition, but that was to be expected from a young defender. I didn’t have a chance to see him offline during the event.

Stay tuned to All State Preps at 247Sports to learn more about the best All State Preps Camp participants.


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