South Carolina committed to 2024 quarterback Carson Hobbs on Friday.

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Hobbs is a good fit for Gamecocks as they come to the Midwest where they don’t make a ton and get a commit from a really good program in Cincinnati Moeller.

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Physically, Hobbs is a 6-foot-1, 180-pound long prospect with treadmill experience. He ran 100m, relay and long jump.

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His film is strong. He plays the ball a little, tracks the ball well and uses the touchline as an additional defender. He shows ability in running support. He is still lean, and as he gets stronger and gains mass, he should continue to improve in that regard. We think he will easily play college at 190 plus.

As a junior, we want to see his second film develop – more interceptions, more cutscenes.

Then in the spring, see how he continues to improve his performance on the track.

In the end, we love the positive side of Hobbs with his size, he is very solid in his technique and his track experience speaks volumes about his athleticism and ability to keep getting faster.