Andrey StojakovichPeja’s son, Stojakovic, rose up the high school’s all-star rankings to 24th overall in the class of 2023, and in the process became a highly sought-after recruit.

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The 6-foot-6, 185-pound Jesuit small forward from Carmichael, Calif., recently completed his first two official visits to UCLA and Stanford, and the four-star prospect contacted 274Sports to recap his time on campus.

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“It was great, the conditions there are second to none,” Stojakovic said of his most recent visit to UCLA. “Guys like Amari Bailey and Jaylen Clark, they explained what it means to be a UCLA athlete; everyone loves you. I didn’t go when the students were there, but overall it was a great campus.”

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During his UCLA hire, he met and praised Bruins head coach Mick Cronin.

“He’s a character,” he said. “Off the court, he is one of the nicest guys in the world. He’s real with you, he’s an outspoken shooter and it was great to talk to him.”

UCLA recently hired Ivo Simovic, a Serbian assistant coach with extensive experience with European players, but especially Stojakovic’s father.

“He has known my father for a long time,” he said. “I just met him on a visit, but I’m just going to keep building a connection with him. He was the longest-serving coach in Europe, he brought a couple of people to the NBA, and he just turned down a few jobs in the NBA. work at UCLA, so that means something.”

Before visiting UCLA, he went to Stanford, where Jarod Haase and Rob Ehsan made Stojakovic a top priority.

“It was by far the most impressive campus,” he said of Stanford. “It was a huge campus. Just seeing how the staff welcomed me and my family with open arms was great.”

During Stojaković’s recruitment as a cardinal, he and Ehsan developed a close relationship.

“Amazing, he reaches out and checks in almost every day just to see how I’m doing and it’s been great so far,” he said of his relationship with Ehsan.

On June 20, Stojakovic will travel to St. Mary’s for an informal visit to one of the first programs to start recruiting him.

“Trainer [Justin] Joyner and trainer [Randy] Bennett was one of the first to bring me into the process and my interest has remained the same so I’m going to visit them,” he added of the Gaels.

Right now, Stojakovic still says he doesn’t plan to make a decision until his senior season and plans to visit places like Kentucky, Texas, UCLA and more more often.