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Andrew Wiggins’ rebounding has surprised Steve Kerr in 2022 NBA playoffs

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Kerr jokes he’ll hold Wiggs accountable for rebounding next year originally appeared on NBC Sports Bay Area

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Andrew Wiggins became the hero of the big game for the Warriors during their run to the NBA Finals, but there was one aspect of his playoff performance that surprised coach Steve Kerr.

Just two days from Wiggins critical double-double in game 5 against the Boston Celtics at the Chase Center, Kerr told reporters after Wednesday’s practice that the 27-year-old has really stepped up his game on the glass.

“Only rebounds,” Kerr said when asked if Wiggins’ playoff appearance surprised him. “On top of that, he has always scored well since he was in this league, he was a good defender. Over the past couple of years, he has really established himself as a key defender for us. So none of that surprised me.”

Prior to his Game 5 performance, Wiggins put in a standalone two-way performance in Game 4 with what could have been an even more important double-double to help the Warriors tie the series in two games each.

His 16 rebounds in Game 4 was a career high, far surpassing his previous record of 11 rebounds.

In true Kerr fashion, on Wednesday he decided to ridicule Wiggins for his newfound role as a bulletin board bully.

“The selection surprised me. He really rocked every episode,” Kerr said before continuing with a smile. “I will 100 percent keep it against him next year in the regular season. If he doesn’t recover, I’ll remind him that he’s already proven it, so there’s no excuse.”

In the Finals, Wiggins nearly averaged a double-double with 9.4 rebounds and also averaged 18.4 points in five games. Throughout the 2022 NBA Playoffs, he is averaging 7.6 rebounds in 21 games.

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After incredible performances in consecutive final games, it is seen that Wiggins has developed his game to now serve as a menacing force on the glass.

And while Kerr looks set to expect the same next season, Dub Nation is definitely looking forward to another exceptional performance from Wiggins on Thursday night as the Warriors look to win their fourth NBA title in eight seasons at TD Garden.

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