Anthony Edwards has to leave game after rolling ankle Watch Markelle Fultz untie Terrence Ross’ shoe before free throw Lakers rumors: LeBron not near return, team doesn’t plan to pursue Kyrie Irving Bogdanovic agrees to four-year, $68 million extension with Hawks Three things to Know: Lonzo Ball to have third knee surgery, may miss all of next season

This could be a problem for a Timberwolves team trying to make it to the playoffs.

Anthony Edwards accidentally fell on Alex Carusoleg and sprained his ankle. He had to be helped off the court.

Edwards was ruled out of the game. There are no other updates on his condition.

Edwards, in his third season in the NBA, became an important scorer and shotmaker for the Timberwolves, averaging 25 points per game that season. His role in the team and offense has grown since then. Karl-Anthony Towns came out.

This is a critical game for both teams. At 35-35, the Timberwolves are seventh in the compact West, but only 1.5 games away from a complete playoff elimination. The Bulls are in 12th place in the East, but only polygames remain before they exit the game.

A few years ago there were a lot of guys trying to untie the laces on the shoes of opposing players, but for a while we didn’t see anything.

Bye Magic Markell Fultz unleashed former teammate Terrence Ross‘ on Thursday night, just before Ross was due to hit some free throws to seal the game.

It’s a tricky move to untie your shoe as you pass by. Ross was heading for the free throw line with his team ahead and 6.5 seconds on the clock, Fultz was trying to drop him. It didn’t work, Ross emptied both. (Then Josh Okogi blocked Paolo Bankero A three-pointer to the siren sealed the victory for the Suns.)

Technical foul is not fixed, although this move may be. Fultz got away with it, but you can be sure that the judges noticed it later and will be on the lookout.

The Suns won 116–113, but Fultz, who developed into a quality point guard, was the top scorer with 25 goals.

After a few games after the All-Star break, Lakers fans ignited a spark of hope. With the addition of team swap deadlines, they have improved shooting, defense, secondary shot creation, and size around. LeBron James And Anthony Daviswho were both finally healthy. They looked like a threat in the open West.

Then LeBron James felt something pop and hasn’t retired since due to a tendon problem in his leg. The Lakers were leading 5-4 without LeBron and holding onto the tight bottom half of the West, but they shouldn’t expect him to be performing as a cavalry anytime soon. Brian Windhorst of ESPN said on The Hoop Collective Podcast (hat tip Real Grandmaster).

“From what I’ve heard about LeBron, he’s not close. This is what they told me. He’s not around…

“From what I’ve been told, LeBron is not close to making a comeback. I know everyone was talking about three weeks, but I think it was pretty clear that in three weeks he would get an official re-evaluation. This did not mean that he would return in three weeks.

LeBron realizes that this team looked like a threat and that he doesn’t have many punches left. He doesn’t want this field to pass by. However, his 38-year-old body may not give him much choice.

Before returning D’Angelo Russellprotection Jarred Vanderbilt and execution Malik Beasley helped give hope to LeBron and the Lakers, there were rumors in the league that the Lakers might try to become a free agent. Kyrie Irving in the offseason. This has always been unlikely due to limited logistics, but the league has spoken. The Lakers, however, are no longer talking about it Jovan Buha of The Athletic. said on “The HoopsHype Podcast with Michael Scotto” (hat tip CBS Sports).

“So I really think the Lakers will pretty much win it off with most of the upcoming free agents that they have…

“From what I’ve been told, they’re not going after Kyrie Irving this offseason. Of course, this may change. Let’s see how the rest of the regular season goes. Let’s see what happens in the postseason if they do that. But, as far as I know, and [from] as I was told, Kyrie’s ship seems to have sailed away.

Irving with LeBron is a combination that won the ring seven years ago, but now it would be very different. There would be significant risks.

There are risks in the “run back” plan – this team has no room for error or injury – but the Lakers are building on their potential.

Bogdan Bogdanovich should fit in well with new coach Quin Snyder at Atlanta – he can place balls (40.1% of 3) and is a fast scorer capable of secondary plays.

That’s why the Hawks decided to keep him with a four-year, $68 million contract extension. story told by ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski and later officially announced by the team.

Bogdanovich had an $18 million player option for next season and was expected to turn it down to take advantage of a free agent. Now the Hawks avoid this mess. Bogdanovich will still drop his option and take a little less in the short term (probably $15.2 million next season, although it’s not official) as a guarantee for three more seasons after that (probably all fully guaranteed).

After missing the first 22 games of the season with knee surgery, Bogdanovich was averaging 14.1 points per game with a shooting percentage of 57.1 (nearly league average). This level of performance made him a trade target at the deadline, with the Cavaliers leading a slew of teams calling about his services. The Hawks wanted to keep Bogdanovich – as evidenced by the extension – and made it clear they should be hit with a trade offer. Not a single offer to their liking was received.

Although he turned 30 this season and had knee problems, Bogdanovich should be able to maintain close to that level of performance throughout the duration of the contract.


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