Arch Manning made one of the biggest commitments in recent memory when the No. 1 prospect in 2023 made a pledge to the Texas Longhorns. Peyton’s nephew and Eli Manning has become one of the most sought-after prospects in recent times. Hell, when Cooper’s dad got to Ole Miss, one uncle was in the Hall of Fame, another might join, and Grandpa Archie was an NFL quarterback, there were expectations. Eli recently spoke at the Manning Passing Academy about Arch’s recruitment and commitment to Texas.

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“I think he did very well,” Eli said. “There was a lot of pressure on him. He’s been looked at under a microscope for a long time and I think he did a good job of just trying to figure out what’s important. It’s his plan, to play high school football, be a great teammate, study. He still plays basketball in high school, he just enjoys the experience, but (he went through) the recruitment process, he asked a ton of questions, he dated everyone and at some point you go with your heart and you know the right place for you. You may not be able to pinpoint exactly why you go to certain places, just know that it will be the right place and process it from afar.”

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Manning was also asked about the hiring process, comparing his time to that of his nephew.

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“The hiring process has changed” he continued. “Access, text messages, various visits, camps and everything that happens. So, I made five official visits, and that’s it. Well, he’s been visiting us since his second year. So there’s a lot, a lot going on, another interaction with the coaches… but he’s done a good job. He was thorough and obviously you make the decision, you don’t look back and make the right decision.”

Eli was asked about Arch’s casual commitment and not doing anything flashy, to which he joked with Brother Peyton, who had already said he appreciated low key.

“Yeah, I mean, it’s more Peyton-esque, kind of flash and press conference.” Eli said. In his senior year of high school, he had a press conference at a bar to decide where he was going. I think Arch was very inconspicuous. Let’s not over complicate. People expected a lot, but that’s not his style. I think he was just ready to get it over with. Say this is where I’m going, let’s get this over with and just enjoy my senior year of high school like it’s supposed to.

Arch Manning was in high demand in many schools around the country, and Alabama and Georgia were two others that were also close to being committed to it.

Before seemingly narrowing down to these top three schools, others like LSU and Florida were on the list for Manning, as well as earlier recruiting offers from Clemson, Ole Miss and Tennessee. The University of Virginia also briefly entered the lottery for next year’s top recruiting candidate, according to 247Sports.

“It all unfolded authentically and organically,” Head coach Isidore Newman Nelson Stewart told 247Sports.. “He is a super special kid and I have confidence in his decision. I’m excited that he can smile and have a good senior year. It was definitely a journey like no other.”

Cooper Petagna, national recruiting analyst for 247Sports, recently rated Manning earlier this month. Petanha gave a lengthy assessment of Manning’s abilities, which can be found on your 247Sports profile page. In addition to the analysis, Petagna predicts that Manning will one day be selected in the top 10 in the NFL Draft.

“Demonstrates excellent arm talent, demonstrating the ability to take every shot on the field from the pocket,” Manning’s assessment read in part. “Shows the ability to drive the ball down the field and play at speed. He excels as an average passer, demonstrating the ability to consistently deliver the ball accurately and on time, playing with anticipation. Throws an exceptionally deep ball, demonstrating outstanding touch and ball placement that allows him to open up his receivers.”

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Texas is expected to play the former five-star quarterback from Ohio State. Quinn Evers as a quarterback in the 2022 season before the starting position becomes a potential battle for 2023 and beyond. Manning has yet to announce whether he will enroll early in Texas.