We’ve come to that special time of the year when it’s time to step up and get creative. The NHL season is just around the corner, and for you, dear fantasy player, the real work has already begun. You probably sweat profusely with a stress level of 17/10, spend endless hours… or minutes… staring at your phone or monitor, trying to find something smart. Because at the end of the day, if you’re going to be the best, if you want to embarrass and troll your friends and enemies in your league, you have to look and sound good at it. But maybe you hit a creative wall, and better , or even a good and funny team name just doesn’t come to your mind. You’re stuck on “Valerie Nichu – T-shirts vs Skins” and you know you can do better.

Don’t worry, I’m here to help.

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For the second year on Sportzshala, I bring you Arda Okal’s best fantasy hockey teams for 2022.

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Are you putting together a real team? It’s up to you to choose Connor McDavid, Leon Draisaitl (or the rest of the Edmonton Oilers), Patrick Kane or any other star skater or goaltender. But even if your imaginary team stinks more than your hockey gear, after two hours of puck-free practice, at least you’ll have an imaginary team name that’s cool.

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Goalkeeper theme

  • Inventing Ilya (Ilya Delvi)

  • Tristan Jarry Park

  • Should Juse do what I see?

  • Forgot about Andrew

  • On your Markstrom

  • Marc-Andre McFleury

  • And Bobrovsky?

  • Guys Festerkin

  • Jack Campbell’s red lobster

  • Dude, where’s my Carter Hart?

  • Ed saves Belfour

  • Al (do) Montoya

  • Manny Emeril Legace

  • Roberto Luongo weather report

  • Colleen Deal or no Delia


  • Invite Deadpool and Curtis McElhinney

Skate theme

  • Nazem Kadri is a Stanley Cup Champion

  • Ovi 895

  • Taylor kids in the hall

  • Nathan McKinnon finally smiled

  • Jerome Iginla weather report

  • I don’t think you’re ready for Pacioretti (my body is too Maxilicious for you baby)

  • I don’t think you’re ready for Cole Perfetti (my body is too sharp for you baby)

  • All phials

  • Benier’s veneers

  • Connor McDave Andreichuk Fletcher

  • Putin is Moritz

  • Moritz Apple Seider

  • Stay at Moritz Carleton

  • Dude where is Makar

  • Roasted cabbage Makar

  • Plumbing & Heating McAvoy

  • Mark Gio Metro

  • Big Tappan Zee

  • clinging seaweed

  • Everyone loves Lucas Raymond

Only Owen Power

  • Owen you have touch… you have power

  • Owen Power rings

  • Go, Owen, Power Rangers!

  • Owen Power Play

  • Owen’s Power Glove

  • Owen Now you’re playing with power

  • Owen the power of love

  • Owen Power Move

  • Owen Power Pose

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Only Ron Tagnat

  • Ron Tagnutts

Video game themes

  • Justin Hall out of debt

  • Hall Brody: Muzzone 2.0

  • Hall guys

  • Hilary Fortnight

  • Spencer Fortnight

  • Escape from Barkov

  • Big Hellebike Hunter

  • Super Mario Carter Hart

  • Minnesota Wild Breath

  • Super Marner-o Bros.

  • Red Wing Redemption

  • Kevin KleinCraft

  • Beck MalensteenCraft

  • Gil SteinCraft

  • Grand Theft Otto

  • Manny MalContra

  • Versteg of legends

  • (Gill) Hal-orant

  • Nintendo Game Boyle (Nintendo Virtual Boyle)

  • Darren Puppa Trupa

  • danish danish revolution

  • Tatar hero

Star Wars Theme

  • Bobby Orrian

  • Darth Vladar

  • Sorokin Skywalker

  • C3 PTO

  • Tuomo Ruutu D2

  • Jar-Jar Hockey rinks

  • Phil Kessel Run

  • Kylo Benn

  • Fenech Shenn

  • Order No. 66 Mario Lemieux

  • Stormtrooper

  • Guelph Stormtrooper

  • Episode II Attack of the Rich Pecks

  • George Lucas Raymond

  • Cassian Evandor Kane

  • Lando Bogosyan

  • Boba in Netta

  • Tatoo-In The Crease on Sportzshala+

  • carpentry wars

  • Michigolsky


  • Buffalo Minnesota Wild Detroit Red Wings

  • Los Angeles Liver Kings

  • Mike Krushel Wiszynski

  • Dolph Ziegler

  • Frk Broda

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