Are Raiders in play for Aaron Rodgers, or not?

The Future of the Packers Quarterback Aaron Rogers continues to be a beautiful mystery. Again, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Some would regard the whole thing as a hot mess.

Adding to the spice of what is happening is the question of whether the Raiders are the real destination for Rogers. This was stated by Vic Tafur from it’s unlikely to happen. The betting markets say otherwise, which makes the Raiders an outrageous favorite to get him. Most recently Dan Graziano of bring raiders into the game for Rogers.

The broader question is whether Raiders coach Josh McDaniels and Rodgers will agree. McDaniels may want to train Rodgers a lot harder than Rodgers is used to. McDaniels, who coached Tom Brady for many years, may not know another way to coach a quarterback effectively.

We asked McDaniels at the Scouting Combine if Brady’s long training had ruined other McDaniels quarterbacks. But Rogers may be the closest person McDaniels has ever seen to Brady.

Perhaps McDaniels would agree to tiptoe around a fragile genius. Maybe McDaniels knows that having subtle genius is better than having no genius at all.

Anyway, Rogers, Patrick Mahomes, Russell WilsonAnd Justin Herbert being in the same division remains a possibility.


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