Arkansas basketball coach Eric Musselman credits Texas A&M after Razorbacks blow lead in SEC Tournament loss

The inconsistency issues that plagued Arkansas basketball throughout the season resurfaced in Friday’s 67-61 SEC Tournament Quarterfinal loss to Texas A&M, leading to discouragement from coach Eric Musselman and the players. Arkansas lost for the first time in 79 games after leading by 13 or more points in what was a stunning end to the pre-NCAA Tournament season for one of the SEC’s most talented teams.

“Obviously we played very well in the first half and badly in the second. I give Texas A&M credit for their performance in the second half,” Mussleman said. “The biggest topic before the game was basketball rebounds. It is obvious that with the score 26:43 we did not hit the ball. In the second half, the score 7-0 robbed us of the aggressiveness that I thought in defense. But then again, I give credit to A&M. for how hard they played and for changing the nature of the game in the last 20 minutes of the game.”

Arkansas is now looking to seed Sunday’s NCAA Tournament as one of several SEC teams expected to be invited.

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Here is what Musselman, Jordan Walsh, and Anthony Black subsequently said.


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