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As he chases record, LeBron says he has ‘no relationship’ with Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Draymond Green not expected to miss any games, Warriors to handle discipline ‘internally’ Miami, Milwaukee have their eyes on Jae Crowder LeBron says Wembanyama is an ‘alien’ and a ‘generational talent’ LeBron tells Adam Silver he wants to own expansion team in Vegas

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Later this season, health permitting, LeBron James overtake Kareem Abdul-Jabbar as the NBA’s all-time leading scorer.

Kareem said LeBron deserved it, but also called on LeBron on COVID issues (for which Abdul-Jabbar apologized). The two legends started to build a relationship as LeBron goes to the record? Not so much.

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“No thoughts, no relationship.”

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This question was asked to LeBron days after Abdul-Jabbar criticized LeBron’s former teammate. Kyrie Irving in the Substack newsletter, calling him a “comical buffoon” and stating that he is a poor role model. Abdul-Jabbar has been a strong advocate of getting a vaccine, Irving remains unvaccinated, and LeBron has posted on social media questioning the severity of the virus and the response. Also, LeBron and Irving are friends, which could have provoked LeBron’s laconic response (as well as the fact that he was ready to leave the arena after a dismal pre-season game).

A week earlier on the media day, LeBron was kinder when discussing Abdul-Jabbar and chasing his record.

“And you know, obviously Kareem had his own differences with some of my views and some of the things I do. But listen, in the end, be able to be on the same breath with a guy wearing the same thing. [Lakers] uniform, a guy who has been a staple of this franchise along with Magic and Big Game. [James Worthy] there’s so many years out there, especially in the 80s, and a guy who also works a lot off the floor,” LeBron said. “I think for me it’s just super duper dope even in this conversation.”

In recent years, Abdul-Jabbar has become more of a public figure, both in regards to playing basketball and in his writings, discussing issues of social justice. The NBA named its new Social Justice Award after him. With that came a new relationship around the league.

One of them is not with LeBron. Will Abdul-Jabbar be in the building when LeBron breaks the record?

We have a few months to develop this relationship – if it happens – before that big day.

Draymond Green he is not expected to miss a single game because of a teammate’s kick Jordan Pool During an altercation during practice, Warriors general manager Bob Myers said Thursday.

This does not mean that he escapes punishment, it will just be handled internallyMyers said.

Green showed up at the Chase Center, apologized to the team and left, he didn’t train with the Warriors. reported by Monte Pool of NBC Sports Bay Area.

“Draymond apologized to the team this morning, Jordan was there in the room, I was there in the room with the team, the coaches, the players, and we heard it,” Myers said.

Whatever punishment the Warriors give Green will not include missed games, Myers said.

Coach Steve Kerr added: “I expect [Green] come back on Saturday and get back to business.” This implies a suspension for a couple of days, probably with a large fine.

Kerr was also quick to dismiss rumors that Poole had a “relationship” with the camp as he embarked on a massive contract extension. Stephen Curry echoed this, calling these reports “absolute rubbish”.

The Warriors have seen quite a few Draymond Green incidents over the years, and as a locker room and franchise, they know how to get away with it. Although it made headlines, the Warriors brushed it off and moved on.

The Heat and the Bucks aren’t just interested in the same player. They are looking for a replacement for the same player.

Two years ago, PJ Tucker helped Milwaukee win its first championship in half a century. Last season, he helped Miami win first place in the East and advance to the conference finals.

Since Tucker is in Philadelphia, both the Heat and the Bucks are looking to fill the void with another power blocker that can stretch the floor.

Jay Crowder and the Suns agreed that he would not participate in practice as the team hoped to honor his trade request. In a recent ESPN+ article, Zach Lowe made it clear: that both Miami and Milwaukee are interested in trading Crowder.

“The Bucks have an internal interest in Crowder as a replacement for Tucker after the recent Straw Grant and discussions with Bojan Bogdanovic, the sources say. They will be looking for another piece all season long.

“Heath is also interested in Crowder, sources say, but it’s hard to find a matching salary yet. Duane Dedmon, Caleb Martin as well as Victor Oladipo become suitable for trade in winter. Martin can start and the Heat are optimistic Oladipo can play a huge role.”

Grant and Bogdanovich were traded to Portland and Detroit, respectively. Heath may have difficulty finding the right deal, as the Phoenix is ​​likely to be reluctant to join the fight. Duncan RobinsonContract. Dedmon, Martin and Oladipo will be eligible for the trade on January 15th.

Crowder has a history with the Heat as he helped them reach the NBA Finals in a bubble. He helped Phoenix to the NBA Finals two seasons ago and then helped them finish with the best record in the NBA last season.

There was a time when LeBron James there was “it” a guy who came to the NBA – a quirky athlete that no one in the league had ever seen. A player the size of Karl Malone with the speed and skill of an elite point guard.

Now “that” guy is Victor Wembanyama, a 7ft 4in breaking big from France, and LeBron is impressed.

“The last few years everyone has been a unicorn, well he looks more like an alien” LeBron said after the Lakers’ preseason. Lost to the Suns in Las Vegas. “I have never seen, no one has ever seen anyone as tall as him, but he is smooth and graceful, like on the floor …

“His ability to put the ball on the floor, throw back jumps into the post, do back step triples, catch and shoot triples, block shots. He surely…


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