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Ronan Hanafin has been on the 247Sports radar for the past few months to look for a ranking upgrade and a deep dive into his junior feed, sport profile and test scores has led to his promotion to four-star status.

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After evaluation, the Buckingham Browne & Nichols athlete from Cambridge, Massachusetts has been upgraded from 87 to 90. He is now the No. 4 player in Massachusetts in the 247Sports rankings.

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Hanafin, 6ft 3in and 208lbs, has already made official visits to Clemson and Notre Dame. This weekend he will officially visit Alabama, and on the weekend, June 24, an official visit to Boston College is scheduled. In between visits, Hanafin monitors compliance with the training regimen.

“I worked hard on starting and accelerating off the ball,” Hanafin said. “I worked more on things off the ball, whether it was against the press in the head-to-head or against the zone. Just running the route and stuff like that.

“I was just working on breaking the ball, breaking routes. I worked on jumping ability and the ability to jump off any foot at any time to get up and get the ball. I’ve worked hard on what you need to be a great receiver.”

Clemson and Notre Dame hire Hanafin as a receiver. Alabama likes him as a linebacker, and Boston College likes him as an athlete.

Khanafin’s athleticism is evident not only on the football field, but also as a middie on the lacrosse team.

“I think it really helps the athleticism in general when we can really react to the ball,” he said. “It helps to work in tight spaces against the defense or try to move and react to an attacking player on defense. It seems to help in general. It’s a tough sport.”

With three months left before the start of the season, Khanafin is working on improving his game.

“I keep building up my top speed,” said Hanafin, who ran a 4.48 handheld 40-yard snatch at high school last summer. “That’s what it all comes down to these days, just being able to overtake someone. And then the strength so that I can land any hit on defense and be able to get up and get the ball and be able to take it out of the sky whenever I want to on offense.

“Besides, I’m working on route running, accuracy, things like that.”

Khanafin has not yet decided when he will announce the choice of school, but the decision will probably be made in the summer.