Washington DC – Paul VI Wing Isaiah Abraham appeared in the class of 2024 thanks to his performance this spring. Abraham recently received an offer from Marquette and heard from a host of others.

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“I really just didn’t think about coaches watching me play,” he said. “I just wanted to play my game, bring energy and protection to my team. I focus on defense more than anything else because offense will come.”

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“Virginia Tech, Maryland, Georgetown, George Mason and Marquette and the overall message was basically that they’re interested in me and want to see me progress and build relationships.”

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Abraham spoke about his relationship with Maryland and Virginia Tech with 247Sports.

Maryland: Relationships are pretty good, Coach Willard called me to let me know he’s really interested in building a relationship with me and seeing me grow into the player I’m going to be. I just want to know more about how a person in my place would fit into their system.

Virginia Tech: Relationships are good and they almost said the same thing. Every coach says something about the relationship, so I’m very happy to do it and in the end choose the best opportunity for me.”

Abraham has no set schedule of commitments or future visits.