Athletics’ Jesus Aguilar hopes to help ‘build something good’ with Oakland

Veteran slugger Aguilar hopes to help ‘A’ ‘build something good’ originally appeared on NBC Sports Bay Area

During the COVID-shortened 2020 MLB season, Jesus Aguilar resurrected his career by helping the Miami Marlins reach the playoffs for the first time in 13 years.

Now he hopes he can do the same with the rebuilding track team. Aguilar sees a lot in common between this team of Marlins and the 2023 Oakland A’s, he told reporters on Wednesday, with a mix of established veterans like himself and young athletes eager for a chance to shine.

“The opportunity here was clear,” said Aguilar (h/t Jack Magruder of “I want to be part of something good. I want to create. I want to build something good. In the future, maybe someone will say, “Aggie was a part of it.” I’ve been in this situation before in Miami. I want to do the same here. I think we have what we need. I hope it happens.”

Added Aguilar under an annual contract this off-season cost $3 million, adding spark to their offense, which finished last in multiple categories in the 2022 100 Losses. The 32-year-old is looking for a recovery season himself.

He had success with both the Marlins and the Milwaukee Brewers, but Aguilar’s contract year last season didn’t go as planned. In the 2020–21 season with Miami, the batter hit .265 with 30 home runs, 33 doubles and 127 RBIs in 182 games, and in 2022 he was released by the Marlins in August before ending the season with the Baltimore Orioles. And . 235/0.281/0.379 slash between two clubs.

Now in Oakland, Aguilar is taking full advantage of his new position, which he calculates will give enough playing time if he remains available.

“I don’t want to think about numbers,” Aguilar told reporters. “I just want to stay healthy. I hope if I stay healthy I can do a lot of good things. Everything was on one page. [in Milwaukee]. It’s all over for me. I don’t try to think about it. You have to stay consistent.”

Aguilar fought his way to the MLB All-Star Game with the Brewers in 2018, hitting 35 homers with 108 RBIs. A’s manager Mark Cotsey hopes Aguilar can deliver something similar to those numbers at Oakland five years from now.

“I hope we get the 2018 Jesus Aguilar,” Kotsei told reporters. “A guy who got into the middle of the Brewers and played a big role in the success of this team.”

Still at spring training, Aguilar has three hits at nine at-bats with two RBIs. But beyond any production on the plate, the addition of Aguilar pays dividends at the club as well.

“His personality seems joyful,” Kocai said. – Some mistake the laughter and smile in the game for a lack of concentration. go outside and have fun. It’s a big attribute that this club should definitely have.”

Another Oakland threat at the heart of the order, Seth Brown, believes that Aguilar’s behavior will have the effect of seeping into the dugout.

“The presence he brings is that calmness, that confidence that I think young guys need to see,” Brown said of Aguilar. “This is what a major league player looks like. Good thing he’s around. It’s good to have all these guys. This is what young guys need to see how professionals go about their business.”

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And for Aguilar, who has been in the big leagues for nine years now, his positive attitude may be what got him this far.

“It’s important for me to contain the negativity,” Aguilar said. — I like being around guys, chatting. I just want to be a good guy. to take the pressure off the young guys so they can go out and play the game right.”


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