Spring practice may be over, but that does not mean head coaches get to rest. Auburn head coach Bryan Harsin has a busy couple of months ahead of him as he gets his team ready for the 2022 season. Harsin joined McElroy and Cubelic in the morning on WJOX 94.5and he spoke about concluding spring practice and hitting the recruiting trail.

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“Now the coaches, for the first time, are out on the road getting the chance to get with all the coaches,” Harsin said. “We hit Alabama. We’re into Georgia now. We’re everywhere at this point. That’s been a positive for us. Getting players on campus, that’s been the goal. Just as many times as we can too, even the same guy. If we can just get guys on campus, that’s gonna help us. We’ve been working really hard on that. Our coaches are doing a great job of talking with the coaches and getting their players on campus. I get a chance to see them and sit down with them. From that standpoint, I like where we’re at.

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“That’s gonna have to continue through this month. We’re gonna do some official visits. We’ll have some more official visits in June, but that’s when the camps kick in. We’ll get as many guys to the camps as we can because we want to see those guys compete. We also want to be around them. It’s gonna be a busy month in May. It’s gonna be a busy month in June. Little time off when it goes dead in July, then we pick back up at the end of July right before fall camp.”

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Making sure the Tigers and faster and more nimble in 2022 will be on of the top priorities for Harsin this offseason. Additionally, Auburn is trying to hammer home the importance of good nutrition ahead of fall camp.

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“One thing when we got here, it was really about conditioning. It was really about getting ourselves in shape, dropping body fat, and doing all that. I think our guys are in a better position that way. Now this summer is about speed and more agility and some of our movement. The strength coaches do a great job of just looking at what our team does well and what we need to work on. You don’t lose the strength aspect of things. You have to have that.

“One area that I think our players have done a much better job of and they’re taking more serious and will continue to keep evolving is the nutrition piece. It’s so huge. You can’t work out a bad diet. You can go out there and do all you want, but if you’re eating like crap, it’s not gonna help you. We’re doing a good job of making them aware and trying to fuel these guys in the proper way. When we do that, body fat drops. Muscle goes up. They’re faster. They’re thinking better. They’re just more twitchy. … We’re trying to build that as we get into August. Then we’ll hit the field, we’ll get these guys right schematically. We’ll make sure all the details and communication is where it needs to be. Then we gotta go play. We want to play like we train. We want to play fast. We want to play strong. We want to be in great condition and more twitchy going into the season.”