Mableton (Georgia) quarterback Pebblebrook Tyler Scott announced his commitment to Auburn on Saturday during a live broadcast of the All-American Bowl.

Scott, 6ft 1in, 195lbs, also considered Alabama, Louisville, Tennessee, Michigan, USC and Texas, and becomes No. 20 as head coach. Hugh Freese and the Tigers staff. Zach Etheridge and Wesley McGriff led Scott’s set to take that Auburn class to 19th in the 247Sports Composite Team.

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“Coach Crime, Coach Zak, Coach Ty (Holder) is the reason I really got into it. As soon as I met them, I felt at home. I felt that I was safe with them and they could take me to the next level. The way they spoke to me in a real way, they really love their players and their recruits, and they really care about their recruits.”

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Etheridge, left over from the last staff, left Auburn in the mix for Scott, who was thrilled when Freese was hired by the Plains.

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“When Coach Freeze came, I was even more convinced that this is exactly where I want to be.”

Scott likes the atmosphere in the Auburn.

“Just the atmosphere,” he said. “The fans too. The fans are very nice. I love the fans.”

Now Scott wants to cheer the fans on and wants to help Auburn become a powerhouse again.

“I don’t like going to big dogs,” Scott said. “I like to go to the underdogs and show people what we can do.”

247Sports director of scouting Andrew Ivins loves Auburn’s pickup.

“A more promising cornerback who came late in the recruitment process and went from being a Group Five commitment to being a priority target for Power Five programs across the country,” Ivins wrote in his scouting report. “Pushing 6ft 1 and 195lbs according to All-American Bowl verified measurements. The type of perimeter defender who isn’t afraid to mix things up and show a bit of physical strength. Demonstrates impressive power when asked to press the line of scrimmage and has shown he can push wide receivers back. Should get stronger only once in the weightlifting development program, which will allow him to have more influence on the coverage of men. He continued to improve his technique over the years and holds the reverse pedal quite cleanly, moving in reverse, gaining depth. Competitive at the tackle point and will struggle through the hands to break the pass. Scrappy is like a tackler and always seems to be trying to sweep the ball carrier’s feet in the hope that he will hit the ground. He could probably be used as a security guard on Saturdays, and at least one school has hired him to work over the top, but the size and the way he moves probably keeps him out. Top speed is in question, but she has the tools to work and could turn into a multi-year contributor to the SEC.”

Scott was great during the week of training before Saturday’s All-American Bowl.