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HAMPTON, Georgia – Austin Hill won for the third time this season since Parker Kligerman finished fourth, his car crossed the finish line in reverse.

Daniel Hemrick took second place. Ryan Truex finished third, followed by Kligerman and Riley Autumn.

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Kligerman was racing at the Hill for the win approaching the finish line when Kligerman spun after a two-car collision resulting in a multi-car crash.

Hill from Winston, Georgia, won at Dayton, Las Vegas and Atlanta in the first five races of the season.

The 163 lap race was slowed down by 12 warnings over 68 laps.

Josh Willams was ordered to drive the NASCAR car after he parked his car on the front stretch and left during the race. Williams’ car was involved in an accident early in the race and then triggered a wreckage warning shortly after the race restarted.

NASCAR ordered him to go to the garage and finish the race when Williams parked his car on the track. Williams was scheduled to meet with series officials after the race. Williams finished 32nd in a 38-car race.

Stage 1 winner: Sheldon Creed

Stage 2 winner: Parker Kligerman

Who had a good race: Daniel Chemrik’s second place was his best result of the season. … Ryan Truex finished in the top three in both starts of his series this year. … Parker Kligerman earned his fourth career A. … Riley Herbst finished in the top 10 for the eighth consecutive time since last season.

Who had a bad race: Josh Williams parked his car on the track after NASCAR ordered him to leave. … Justin Algayer finished 29th after a crash that started with contact with a teammate Josh Berry.

Next: The series will take place on March 25 at the Circuit of the Americas (5:00 pm ET on FS1).

HAMPTON, Georgia – Austin Hill won for the third time in five races this season, taking the checkered flag at Saturday’s Xfinity Series at Atlanta Motor Speedway.

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Daniel Hemrick took second place. Ryan Truex took third place. Parker Kligerman crossed the finish line back fourth. Kligerman was chasing Hill for the final lap victory when contact with Hill and then contact with Hemrik turned Kligerman. Riley Autumn finished fifth.

Hill leads the opponent by 46 points. John Hunter Nemecheksecond in the standings after five races.

HAMPTON, Georgia – Josh Williams parked his car at the start/finish line and walked away from the car after being ordered off the track by series officials during Saturday’s Xfinity Series race.

Series officials met Williams about 20 minutes after Saturday’s Xfinity race.

Any penalties from NASCAR are expected to be announced on Tuesday.

Williams’ car was damaged in a three-car accident, prompting a warning on lap 28. Williams’ team called for damage, but the wreckage of the car prompted a warning on lap 32. NASCAR ordered Williams to go to the garage and pull out of the race. .

Section 8.8.9.I of the Xfinity Series Code of Practice states that, under the Damaged Vehicle Policy, NASCAR may take the vehicle off the track.

“At the discretion of the series managing director, if the affected vehicle decides not to enter pit road at the earliest opportunity, or if the damaged vehicle exits pit road before sufficient repairs have been made and thereafter triggers or extends a warning (e.g. , fluid leaks, debris, etc.), then such vehicle may be penalized lap(s) or time, or may be denied entry to the race.”

Williams admitted that he was upset and confused by NASCAR’s decision to go to the garage and decided to park the car in the front lot.

“We all work really hard and only run ‘X’ laps and then get something like a bear bond and knock us out of the race, it’s really frustrating,” Williams said after meeting with series officials. “Small team. We work very hard. We have to make our sponsors happy, right? It’s useless to sit in the garage. It is what it is. We will learn from this and move on.”

Regarding his wave towards the crowd after exiting the car, Williams said: “Just (waving) to some of the officials in the stands. We are all good friends with everyone. I waved to them. They waved back. The fans supported me and it was great. I hope they got some enjoyment out of it.”

Williams had to stay in the NASCAR tractor after reporting there during the race and wait for officials to return from the control tower for a meeting.

“I told them I was a little upset,” Williams said of the NASCAR call, “but it was in the rule book.”

Asked if he was disappointed that NASCAR didn’t punish him in some other way that would have allowed him to race, Williams said after the meeting, “It’s up to them. It’s their sandbox and we play in it and I love the Xfinity series. I respect Wayne (Othon) and everyone else, so we’ll just go ahead and move on to the next one.”

Asked if he was worried about being suspended for his actions, Williams replied: “I’m not sure. It’s up to Wayne and everyone in NASCAR. If that’s the rule, and they decide to do it, every action has a reaction.”

Williams said he had a similar episode on short track early in his racing career when he stopped his car in the front section under the grandstand.

“Not a single person was in their seats,” Williams said. “I didn’t do it (on Saturday) to embitter or make a big scene… I wanted to give my opinion on what I think (the decision) is wrong, but it’s in the rulebook.”

HAMPTON, Georgia – Christian Eckes took the lead in overtime and held on to claim his second career NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series win on Saturday at Atlanta Motor Speedway.

Nick Sanchezleader at the beginning of overtime, took second place. John Hunter Nemechek took third place, followed by Bailey Curry And Ben Rhodes.

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