Ball Don’t Lie: Yahoo Sports’ new podcast launches on March 20

Irreverent. Informative. Candid. Sportzshala Sports is proud to announce Ball don’t lie, version 2.0. Praised NBA Blog Sportzshala Sports Resurrects in the form of a podcastbringing you multiple voices, personalities, and new audio series every week and throughout the NBA calendar.

Ball don’t lie will be the destination for new Sportzshala Sports NBA audio content year-round. Premiering on Monday, March 20 with two standalone NBA series, Ball Don’t Lie will be updated with new basketball podcasts in the coming months, including NBA draft mini-series, interview shows, and other world-related formats. basketball. .

Vincent Goodwill starts business every Monday from Kind word with kindness as he chats with his friends from across the league to energetically talk about the NBA’s most compelling storylines. Jake Fisher & Dan Devine bring things home at the end of the week with A room without a cover: chat show, game show, front office show and vibration show all in one.

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Yahoo Sports' Ball Don't Lie premieres Monday, March 20th.  Subscribe to Apple Podcasts, Spotify or wherever you listen.  (Yahoo Sports)
Sportzshala Sports’ “Ball Don’t Lie” will premiere on March 20. Subscribe to Apple Podcasts, Spotify or wherever you listen. (Sportzshala Sports)

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