Suffering loves company. At least that’s what my Las Vegas Raiders fan friends have been telling me since I was five years old. Conversely, celebrating is always more fun when you have friends. That’s why, starting this week, we’re adding the world of fantasy football to our weekly therapy session.

I’m sure of two things: my weeks get better when my favorite Raiders win, and all our weeks get better when we share the chaos together. Let’s start filling these buckets with tears of joy or sadness.

Fantastic disappointments

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The football gods did NOT waste any time on Sunday reminding us that they are in charge. Imagine a person who was offered Rashaad Penny in a fantasy exchange this week, turned down the deal and then ran into him this week? Yes, that was my buddy Dave. Don’t be afraid Dave, the pain was everywhere

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From the Raiders suddenly deciding to pass the ball to Josh Jacobs, to Penny throwing “Madden-like” numbers, to Miles Sanders absolutely making us all look stupid, it’s been what I like to call “Pie Week” for fantasy players. -football. Because late last night we all ate a piece of this humble pie.

I feel you Vann.

Verdict: Five buckets. Five overflowing buckets.

Cleveland Browns at Atlanta Falcons

Ah, the joy of betting is that a game that most families of these players don’t even want to watch becomes a must-see on TV. The Browns won three times as much, and everyone who bet on Cleveland in this game should feel good. Not so fast! Two field goals at the end of the fourth quarter gave the Falcons the victory and, more importantly, left Atlanta undefeated!

No, not in the standings, don’t be silly. But where do most of you care the most.

Verdict: Three buckets of mostly happiness

Tampa Bay Buccaneers of the Kansas City Chiefs

Look, I don’t know Brandon. But Brandon deserves a hug. In the world of bad beats, we all have “that” story. This one, however, can take the cake.

It’s a game of inches, Brandon… Or yards, in this case. Or rather, the yard. Yes. I don’t help in this situation.

Verdict: four buckets

Buffalo Bills to Baltimore Ravens

Don’t scold me analyst nerds about John Harbaugh’s decision to score the fourth goal late in the game with a tie from the two-yard line. Sometimes getting points is like a simple sausage sandwich on regular bread. It is interesting? No. Satisfactorily? Something like. Would you like it to be better… more flair… more than you expected? Obviously. But you have to eat, and food is food. You have to win, and points are points. Instead of taking those points, you give the ball back to the Bills in a tie, and Josh Allen has one of those MVP-type moments that MVP-type players have.


Verdict: Three buckets

Saturday was also… well… interesting? I mean, most of us were done before the day even started thanks to Oklahoma’s shocking TCU bombardment. This is how we ALL felt at halftime in the first games!

But just when you thought life couldn’t get any weirder, it happened.

Wagner in Syracuse

Imagine that you are a guy who went to Syracuse, knows his team incredibly well and advises all his buddies to play against Wagner at 63.5. 49-0 at halftime…

Everyone can rejoice! Crisis averted! We are all rich! orrrrrrr……

Dust if off We will receive them next week. And just remember, no matter how much grief your friends caused you this week for your performance last weekend, it doesn’t equal the amount of sadness the world is going through, DK.