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Bastianini: “I don’t do magic; Rossi, Lorenzo and Márquez did”

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Enea Bastianini is one of the revelations of MotoGP. He was Moto2 champion in 2020, but he is very little known to the general public despite fighting to go to the official Ducati team. They call him The Beast, but personally his character is very different.

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QUESTION. Let’s start with her name: Enea. We Spaniards find it strange, we do not find an equivalent.

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RESPONSE. Before it was not very common in Italy, but lately I have heard that some children have been named Enea.

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Q. And do you know someone named like you?

A. Yes, I know… one. But I hear enough now.

Q. And does your name mean something?

A. Actually, it comes from the Greek, from a Greek god named Aeneas.

Q. In Spain, enea is a plant, similar to a reed.

R. Well no. Mine comes from the Greek god.

Q. So you are a hero?

R. No, not me, but he was.

I’m not obsessed with motorcycles, I like life outside of them

P. We continue by his last name: Bastianini, which has become his nickname: Beast. That’s the same in Spanish or Italian and almost in English (‘beast’). However, seeing him from the outside, because of his calmness in the races or outside of them, he transmits something else. Is there really something of a beast in you?

R. Let’s say yes, that the Beast thing comes from Bastianini, which arose from a Moto3 mechanic who told me: ‘You looked like a beast’ because he always left behind and arrived in front. That’s why he said it was a beast. Since then, I liked that they also associated it with my last name. But I am very calm.

The goal is for Bagnaia and Jorge Martín to tremble

P. A few races ago, your team, the Gresini, used a decoration with the motto ‘Peace and love’ (Peace and love), of the ‘hippies’. It seemed made for you.

A. I liked it so much that I completely destroyed it.

P. I say it because it gives the feeling of being a free spirit, a bit ‘hippie’. Is it just an impression?

R. I am very calm, I do not like to focus only on one thing that I do. In the sense that I seek to be fast, to work, but in reality, I like life outside of motorcycles. Let’s just say I’m not obsessed with motorcycles.

P. You can also say that it is sweet, because of the way it treats the tires. Can it be the one that best preserves them?

R. Yes. I am the one that consumes the least tires. Well, ever, like at the Sachsenring in 2021, no. I am particular, I am strange. There are races in which it is very necessary to keep them and I don’t do it as much. I must change some dynamic. But, with my style, in general, I am the one who arrives with the most tires at the end.

P. It is an important quality with which you make a difference.

A. Yes, it is difficult to go fast and conserve the tires. I have a style with which I ride very much with the front and I skid less with the rear wheel, I can do it.

P. Also, he always comes out behind and so you have to force more.

R. Yes, I complicate my life. You should make it easier for me.

With the trampoline jumps he would have reached the Olympic Games

P. Who should tremble more with The Beast, Jorge Martín or Bagnaia?

A. The goal is for both of them to tremble, but they are two very strong riders. They will also give me problems during the championship.

Q. You like the Harry Potter movies and even named a dog ‘Agrit’. Do you think you do magic too?

R. I think not. I hope one day I can do magic.

P. And do you think someone does it in MotoGP?

R. Yes, there are pilots who do magic. Some like Valentino (Rossi), Marc (Márquez), Lorenzo, who have made history in this sport because they had one more gear.

Q. Before motorcycles, as a child, you did gymnastics and trampoline jumps. He was runner-up in Italy for jumps in his category. How far could he have jumped?

A. I don’t know. It was a sport that I liked a lot, but I didn’t dedicate myself to it one hundred percent. I liked motorcycles more and I was more involved with motorcycles, but I think that if I had taken it differently, if I had been more serious, maybe I would have made it to the Olympics. I don’t know if I would have won, but I think I would have made it. In fact, many who competed with me are at the Games.

P. Maybe, if one day you win the MotoGP title, could you celebrate it with a jump?

R. Well, in Valencia there is a lake…

Q. Johann Zarco, when he won a race, he did a back somersault. Would you be able to make one?

A. Yes, of course.

P. And why not?

R. It never came out for me to do it. I like to celebrate it, but in a more correct way.

P. Looking at his life, he was born and lived in Rimini, he grew up seeing Valentino Rossi yellow flags everywhere, but he seems closer to Marco Simoncelli, who was also from there. He, like you, was in Gresini, champion in the intermediate class… Is that right?

R. Marco is still with us for many people. I really liked watching his career and what he was like: he made you laugh. And besides, he lived closer. Valentino lives more towards Pesaro, in Tavullia. I, on the other hand, being from Rimini, was closer to Riccione, closer to Coriano, where he lived. I always saw ’58’ everywhere. Now I live in San Marino, because my girlfriend is from there.

Q. Is it true that you have never been to a concert?

A. Right, not yet. I like music, also classical. I listen to her In winter I hope to go to a concert.


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