For 17th place in the ranking of players in 2023. Ja’Kobe Walter the time and date 17:42 June 22 mean a lot. So much so that he decided to devote himself Scott Drew and Baylor exactly at this time on Wednesday.

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“Back on June 22, 2020 at 5:42 pm, I received my first offer from Baylor,” Walter told 247Sports. “Then on June 22, 2021, I made my first informal visit and that was Baylor. So, on June 22, 2022, I wanted to make a trade at 5:42 am because that’s when I posted my first offer. All this was by accident. Well, the commitment was made on purpose, but the other two just happened on the same day.”

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Walter didn’t just fall in love with the Bears by coincidence.

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“I have the best relationship with my coaches, with all the staff,” said Walter. “Therefore, when I arrived on an official visit, they were already at the top of my list. I like everything about them. guards.

“I think I am a two-way player. They play offense and defense there, and I’m a two-way player who can score and do my best to help a guy like that.”

A burly 6-foot-5 guard who is one of the best shots from the depths of the rising senior class, Walter will be leaving his home in the Dallas area to spend his senior year at Branson Academy in Missouri in preparation for Baylor.

“Seeing what they did last year and the growth of their players from start to finish was significant,” Walter said. “It’s just a chore, nothing is going to be easy, and I like that attitude. In addition, he is located in Branson, Missouri, so I will not be distracted and I can fully concentrate on basketball.”

Walter says that by letting go of his commitment, a huge burden has been lifted and he is looking forward to a great summer with his grassroots team. Trae Young Elite. He also wants Baylor fans to know they are getting a player who will always put the Bears first.

“Now that I have decided and am finally doing it, a big weight has been lifted off my shoulders,” Walter said. “I have been thinking about this decision all summer, even when I was playing games. Now that it’s all over, I know I can focus on work and getting ready for Baylor. Fans should know that I will always be hardworking and will try my best.”